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Flights to Îles de la Madeleine

The best price found from United States to Îles de la Madeleine is on June 3rd, 2017, travelling with Air Canada. See more options, compare prices and book: search flights.

Washington Ronald Reagan
from $369.00
Iles De La Madeleine

Getting around by air

The airport is on the northwest corner of Île du Havre aux Maisons. Air Canada Express offers daily flights from Montréal, Québec City and Gaspé; Pascan flies from the two cities and Bonaventure. In March 2016, former federal cabinet minister and journalist Jean Lapierre and six others, including his wife, sister and two brothers, were killed when their private plane crashed while approaching the islands. Since that tragedy, air traffic control officials have seemed particularly cautious with Îles de la Madeleine–bound flights, and delays and cancellations occur regularly when there is low visibility – which is quite often the case, even in summer.