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Getting there & around

Sudbury’s airport is in the northeast corner of the city, past Falconbridge, and is serviced by Air Canada Jazz (888-247-2262) and Bearskin Airlines (800-465-2327). Flights connect Sudbury with Toronto, Ottawa, Sault Ste Marie and Thunder Bay. Several car-rental options are available at the airport, including Enterprise (800-736-8222) and National (705-387-4747).

Ontario Northland and Greyhound Canada use the same bus depot (705-524-9900; 854 Notre Dame Ave) about 3km north of the downtown core. Ontario Northland runs between Sudbury and Toronto ($63, 5¾ hours, three daily), as does Greyhound ($68.50, five hours, three daily). Greyhound Canada also connects Sudbury with Thunder Bay ($166, 14 hours, three daily) and Ottawa ($88, 7½ hours, three daily). Sometimes Greyhound will make a courtesy stop at the transit center downtown so passengers may connect to the city bus system.

Most trains pull in to Sudbury Junction Train Station (800-361-1235; Lasalle Blvd), which is about 10km northeast of the town center. VIA Rail trains connect Sudbury Junction with Toronto ($99, 6¾ hours, three weekly) and stations west to Winnipeg ($294, 24 hours, three weekly). Passengers heading east toward Ottawa must catch a connecting train through Toronto. The centrally located Sudbury Train Station (800-361-1235; cnr Minto & Elgin Sts) services a small network of minor towns including White River and Chapleau.

Over 50 city buses roam the downtown region connecting the major attractions. The transit center (705-675-3333; cnr Notre Dame Ave & Elm St) is the main transfer hub; one-way fares are $2.30.