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Getting around

Public transport

Public transportation

Metro Transit (902-490-6600; one-way fare $1.75, 20 tickets $30) runs the city bus system and the ferries to Dartmouth. Transfers are free when traveling in one direction within a short time frame. Maps and schedules are available at the ferry terminals and at the information booth in Scotia Square Mall.

Bus 7 cuts through downtown and North End Halifax via Robie St and Gottingen St, passing both hostels. Bus 1 travels Spring Garden Rd, Barrington St, and the south part of Gottingen St before crossing the bridge to Dartmouth. ‘Fred’ is a free city bus that loops around downtown every 30 minutes in the summer.

Taking the ferry to Dartmouth (one way $2; every 15 minutes to half-hour 6am-11:30pm) from the Halifax waterfront is a nice way of getting on the water, even if it’s just for 12 minutes. Woodside, where another ferry goes in peak periods, is a good place to start a bike ride to Eastern Passage or Lawrencetown.

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Car & motorcycle

Pedestrians almost always have the right-of-way in Halifax. Watch out for cars stopping suddenly!

Outside the downtown core, you can usually find free on-street parking for up to two hours. Otherwise, try private Impark (1245 Hollis St; per hr/12hr $1/6) or the municipally owned Metro-Park (902-830-1711; 1557 Granville St; per hr/12hr $2/14). Halifax’s parking meters are enforced from 8am to 6pm Monday to Friday.

It costs considerably more to rent a car at the airport than in town. All the major national chains are represented there and also have offices in Halifax. Enterprise Rent-a-Car (902-492-8400; www.enterprise.com; 1161 Hollis St) has an office in the train station and at several other locations near downtown. It has some of the lowest rates. Discount Car Rentals (902-453-5153; www.discountcar.com; 2710 Agricola St) also has good deals, depending on availability. It’s 1.25km north of the northwest corner of Citadel Hill.

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