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Introducing Digby

Known for its scallops, mild climate and daily ferry to Saint John, New Brunswick, Digby (www.digby.ca) is nestled in a protected inlet off the Bay of Fundy. Settled by United Empire Loyalists in 1783, it's now home to the largest fleet of scallop boats in the world.

Digby has been a tourist mecca for more than a century and, although the town itself doesn't offer the architectural charm of starlets such as Lunenburg or Annapolis Royal, it's a pleasant and convenient base from which to explore Digby Neck, the French Shore and some beautiful, lesser-known hiking trails in the area (hint: get out to Point Prim). If you're here in passing, the best things to do are to stroll the waterfront, watch the scallop draggers come and go, and eat as much of their catch as your belly can hold.

If you're in town mid-August, reserve even more space in your gut for the delicious Digby Scallop Days festival. Another of the year's highlights is the Wharf Rat Rally at the end of August, where at last count 30,000 bikers buzz in for motorcycle-oriented contests, tours and general mingling.

The only real sight in town is the Admiral Digby Museum, a mid-19th century Georgian home which contains exhibits of the town's marine history and early settlement.