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Introducing Moncton

Moncton is like that fun-loving friend you'd love to introduce to the cute German exchange student you know. You think they'd have some good times together, but you're concerned your European friend might be put off by Moncton's dowdy strip-mall wardrobe and well, let's face it, unmemorable physical features. So, you emphasize the town's vivacious personality, appreciation of music and fine food and the fact that he speaks two languages.

Once a major wooden shipbuilding port, Moncton is now the fastest-growing city in the Maritimes with an economy built upon transportation and call centers drawn here by the bilingual workforce. It's a pleasant, suburban city, with a small redbrick downtown along the muddy banks of the Petitcodiac River. There are some decent restaurants, bars and a bustling Acadian farmers' market. Apart from that, there is little to detain the visitor.