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Tofino - Tours / lodges

Hi Guys!

Have been reading loads of posts/comments, but only found hot tubs ;-)

Am going to Vancouver for a week and would like to go 3-5 additional days to Tofino by direct bus.

There are loads of tour sites available via Google and only 1 recommended in the Lonely planet.
Am wondering;
- Anyone has a great lead to an amazing tour guide/office?
- Besides the whale/bear watching & hot tubs; anyone has any other interesting ideas for tours / trails over there?

Thanks a lot in advance!


Mini-break suggestions

Hi. Me and my husband live in Nova Scotia but are going back to visit family in the UK in September 2015. We are hoping to take a flight to somewhere in North America for a mini break before we spend time in the uk. My question is where might be a good place to visit that is reasonable money wise for accommodation and flights and that also has direct flights to the UK? Many thanks


Roadtrip minivan with mattress in the back


Me and my girlfriend are planning a roadtrip from 13 july untill the 3rd of august. The trip would start in vancouver going to jasper-banff-glacier-yellowstone-and back to vancouver. We have endlessly been looking for a low budget campervan for 2 persons. So far the only thing coming close to what we are looking for the is the campervans wicked is renting out, but actually those are still a bit expensive for us.

So we recently got this crazy idea to rent a minivan like a chrysler town…


Work Permit Questions??

Hi :)

I have recently received my POE letter to work in Canada but I was wondering if anyone knows; the date that the letter expires, is this the date the actual work permit will expire and we must leave Canada or is it valid a year from when we actually receive the permit (when we arrive in the country). If anyone is able to help, that would be greatly appreciated!!!


Road trip Vancouver to Quebec in July

Just started the ground work for this road trip. Have googled scenic by ways in Canada to get some ideas and am now trying to join as many dots as possible.
The first part of the trip is getting from Vancouver to Banff/Calgary passing through Lake Louise. Given the trip will start mid July what would you suggest.

Vancouver - Lillooet - Jasper - Lake Louise
Vancouver - Lillooet - Kamloops - Revelstoke - Lake Louise.

Not into hiking and all that energetic stuff just want to take it all…


Wedding in Fort Frances (ON) - area worth travelling?


I'm invited to a friends wedding in June 2015 to Fort Frances in Ontario. Coming from Germany I would like to combine this with a 3 week trip. I've already been to Toronto, Niagra Falls etc. So now I'm trying to figure out the best travel plan:

a) Fly to Thunder Bay or International Falls, attend the wedding and then explore Ontario

b) Fly to Thunder Bay or International Falls, attend the wedding, drive/fly to Calgary, travel around the Rockies and fly back from Calgary.

I bought the…


Inner Passage Cruise solo

I'm working out a trip to BC and Alberta next year with my partner. My partner is more interested in visiting her daughter and son-in-law, (not my daughter) in Vancouver than getting out and about, they're nice kids, but. I'm looking at doing an Inner Passage cruise by myself to fill in time. Going solo, do you have to share a cabin? will I be the odd man out at meals, is it worth doing it solo? I'd welcome any thoughts you'd like to share.


Apply a transit visa for the 3rd time after 2 times getting refused

Hello guys,

The first time I applied for a transit visa, I just provided the IMM5257E form, my passport and the autograph. Then it get refused.

The second time, beside of the documents I provided at the first time, I also provided my previous passport with various visas. It get refused again.

The reason that I didn't provided the flight booking is because I had no money at the time I applied them. The money will be sent by our parents later to book a flight. And CIC gave me a reason that I…