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The prairies to the east give way to the towering Rocky Mountains that form the western edge of Alberta. That mountainous spine forms the iconic scenery that the province is known for. The eastern foothills eventually peter out melding into the flatland.

Alberta is a sunny sort of place; any time of year you can expect the sun to be out. Winters can get cold, when the temperature can plummet to a bone chilling -20°C. Climate change has started to influence snowfall, with the cities getting less and less every year.

Summers tend to be hot and dry, with the warmest months being July and August, where the temperature sits at a comfortable 25°C. The ‘June Monsoon’ is, as you’d expect from the nickname, often rain filled, while the cooler temperatures and fall colors of September are spectacular.

Chinook winds often kick up in the winter months. These warm westerly winds blow in from the coast, deposit their moisture on the mountains and give Albertans a reprieve from the winter chill, increasing temperatures by as much as 20°C in one day!