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Getting around

Public transport

Public transportation

Public transport in Calgary is efficient and clean. You can choose from the Light Rapid Transit (LRT) rail system, also known as the C-Train, and ordinary buses. One fare entitles you to transfer to other buses or C-Trains. The C-Train is free in the downtown area along 7th Ave, between 10th St SW and 3rd St SE. If you’re going further or need a transfer, buy your ticket from a machine on the C-Train platform. Most of the buses run at 15- to 30-minute intervals daily. There is no late-night service. The C-Train and bus fare per single/day is $2.25/6.75.

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Car & motorcycle

Parking in downtown Calgary is an absolute nightmare. Luckily, downtown hotels generally have garages, and extortionately high-priced private lots are available for about $20 per day. There is also metered parking at about $1 per 45 minutes (free after 6pm and on Sundays). Thankfully, outside the downtown core parking is free and easy to find.

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Local transport


For a cab, call Checker Cabs (403-299-9999) or Yellow Cab (403-974-1111). Fares are $3 for the first 150m, then $0.20 for each additional 150m.

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