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Getting around


Bus & tram


Agences de voyages (agency buses) run along all major and many minor routes in Cameroon. Prices are low and fixed, and on some bus lines you can even reserve a seat. From Yaoundé to Douala costs CFA3800 and N’Gaoundéré to Maroua CFA6000. However, some drivers are extremely reckless, and bus accidents occur all too frequently. Taxis brousses (bush taxis) are also popular.

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Cameroon’s rail system (Camrail) operates three main lines: Yaoundé to N’Gaoundéré, Yaoundé to Douala and Douala to Kumba. In practice, only the first is of interest to travellers, as it’s the main way to get between the southern and northern halves of the country.

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Cameroon Airlines has flights connecting Yaoundé and Douala daily, and travels three times weekly to Garoua, Maroua, N’Gaoundéré and Bertoua from both major cities. One-way fares from Douala to N’Gaoundéré cost CFA125, 000 and Yaoundé to Maroua CFA89, 500.

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