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Getting there & away

Cameroon Airlines has flights most days connecting N’Gaoundéré with Garoua, Maroua, Yaoundé and Douala. The airport is situated about 4km west of town (CFA1000 in a taxi).

The train station is at the eastern end of town. Trains to Yaoundé leave daily at around 7pm (CFA25, 000 in 1st-class couchette, 18 to 36 hours), and you can reserve your seat a day in advance.

By bus, Touristique Express and Woïla Voyages are best, with several buses daily to Garoua (CFA3500, five hours) and Maroua (CFA6000, eight hours). Kawtal Voyages operates a battered Garoua-Boulaï (CFA4000, 12 hours) service most days from the gare routière by the Grande Mosquée. Think twice before attempting this during the rains. Equally strenuous is the appalling road south to Foumban. Kawtal Voyages also operates along this route, as far as Banyo (CFA5000, around 10 hours), from where you can change for Foumban.