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South Coast

Getting there & around

The highway route from Bangkok to Phnom Penh passes through the Cham Yeam–Hat Lek border crossing near Krong Koh Kong and continues east along NH48 and then NH4.

The South Coast region now has two international crossings with Vietnam, at Phnom Den–Tinh Bien, south of Takeo; and Prek Chak–Xa Xia, southeast of Kep at Ha Tien.

Phnom Penh is linked with Sihanoukville by NH4; buses are cheap and frequent. NH3 goes from the capital to Kampot, but for now buses take the long way around via Kep (NH3 and then NH31). NH2, recently upgraded, links Phnom Penh with Takeo and the Phnom Den–Tinh Bien border crossing. Almost all the area’s other roads are unpaved and often become degraded in the wet season. In Takeo Province, boats are almost as popular a form of wet-season transport as motor vehicles.

Until 2003, when the Thai army carved NH48 out of the jungle, it was nearly impossible to get from Krong Koh Kong to anywhere else in Cambodia by land. The area will undergo a second transport revolution when NH48’s four slow ferry crossings are replaced by bridges sometime in 2008. For now, at least, a daily ferry links Krong Koh Kong with Koh Sdach and Sihanoukville.