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Sre Ambel/Cambodia

Introducing Sre Ambel

Since ferry service to Krong Koh Kong ended a few years ago, the only reason to come to this charmless smugglers’ port, 150km from Phnom Penh, is to use it as a base for a trip to Stung Phong Roul Waterfall.

A few blocks down the hill and to the right from the market, there’s a guesthouse (016 798956; r US$5) with nine simple, medium-sized rooms and, next door, a similar 10-room guesthouse (r US$5-12; ) with a partly Chinese sign. Pohak Restaurant (mains 6000r), across the street, serves – according to the nicely laminated menu – some unique delicacies, including odoriferous soup, salad Vietnamese girl, chickens with three legs, cow haunts water, eel falling in love and frontline troop open the way. For less martial fare, try the small eateries near the market.