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Central Cardamoms Protected Forest

Introducing Central Cardamoms Protected Forest

The CCPF’s enforcement ranger teams get technical and financial support from Conservation International and operate out of three stations in the north.

Rangers and military policemen based at Kravanh ranger station, deep in the Cardamoms jungle in the Tang Rang area south of Pursat, play an unending game of cat and mouse with loggers, poachers and encroachers.

The most valuable contraband at the front-line Rovieng ranger station is aromatic Mreah Prew (sassafras, or safrole) oil, extracted from the roots of the endangered Cinnamomum parthenoxylon tree. One tonne of wood produces just 30L of the oil, which has a delightful, sandalwood-like scent. Local people use it in traditional medicine, but it can also be used to make ecstasy.

A few kilometres from Rovieng (and 53km southwest of Pursat) are the L’Bak Kamronh Rapids, which attract Khmers on holidays. About 25km west of Rovieng, in Pramoay Commune, the old-growth Chhrok Preal Forest can be visited with a guide.

To pre-arrange a guide, homestay or guesthouse near the Kravanh or Rovieng ranger stations, try contacting forestry official Peau Somanak for advice.