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Phnom Penh

Getting around

Being such a small city, Phnom Penh is quite easy to get around, although traffic is getting worse by the year and traffic jams are common around the morning and evening rush hour, particularly around Monivong and Norodom Blvds.

Bus & tram


Local buses don’t exist in Phnom Penh. Most Cambodians use motos or cyclos to get around the city. With the long, straight boulevards crisscrossing the city, it would be perfect for trams or trolley buses, but developments like these are still some years away.

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Car & motorcycle

Car hire is available through travel agencies, guesthouses and hotels in Phnom Penh. Everything from cars (from US$25) to 4WDs (from US$60) are available for travelling around the city, but prices rise if you venture beyond.

There are numerous motorbike hire places around town. Bear in mind that motorbike theft is a problem in Phnom Penh, and if the bike gets stolen you will be liable. Ask for a lock and use it, plus only leave the bike in guarded parking areas where available, such as outside popular markets (300r). The best places for motorbike hire are Lucky! Lucky! (212788; 413 Monivong Blvd) and New! New! (417 Monivong Blvd), right next door to each other on the main drag in town. A 100cc Honda costs US$4 per day or US$25 per week and 250cc dirt bikes start at US$9 per day or US$50 a week.

Riverside Moto (223588; www.riversidemotorcycletours.com; 30 St 118) More-serious adventurers should consider coming here, as this place specialises in upcountry touring, has well-serviced bikes and can provide a tool kit and spares.

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Local transport


Phnom Penh has no metered taxis of the sort found in Thailand or Vietnam. Bailey’s Taxis (012 890000) and Taxi Vantha (012 855000) offer taxis 24 hours a day, but have a limited number of cars. They do the run from town to the airport for US$5 and charge about US$1 per kilometre elsewhere. Note the price for the journey from the airport to town is fixed at US$7.

Private taxis tend to wait outside popular nightspots, but it is important to agree on a price in advance.

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It is possible to hire bicycles at some of the guesthouses around town for about US$1 a day, but take a look at the chaotic traffic conditions before venturing forth. Once you get used to the anarchy, it can be a fun way to get around, if a little dusty.

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