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Anlong Veng

Getting there & around

Anlong Veng is 118km north of Siem Reap (along NH67), 16km south of the Choam border crossing, 80km northeast of Samraong and 90km west of Sa Em.

Both GST (012 531490), whose office and bus stop is across from the Sheang Hai Restaurant, and Kim Hong Transport (012 306862), 70m south of the roundabout, have early morning buses to Siem Reap (15, 000r, four hours). A share taxi to Siem Reap (US$5, 2½ hours) is available a few hundred metres south of the roundabout; a private taxi is US$30.

A moto to/from the Choam border crossing costs 8000r to 10, 000r. At the border there aren’t any taxi touts but officials should be able to summon a taxi for you.

Precious few vehicles, and no public transport, take the passable dirt road southwest to Samraong, though it’s possible to get there by moto (US$20, 1¾ hours) or private taxi (US$40).

If you’re heading east to Sa Em (the turn-off to Prasat Preah Vihear), the transport ­situation is as dire as the state of the dirt road, with through-traffic virtually nonexistent. A bum-bruising moto ride costs US$20 (three hours) in the dry season, more during the rainy season. In the dry season, hiring a private taxi may be an option but expect to pay through the nose.

To get to Ta Mok’s house, locals pay 1000r for a moto but foreigners are charged more. A moto circuit to the border costs US$5 (US$10 including a tour of Pol Pot’s House).

Anlong Veng