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The Danube and Northern Plains
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Introducing The Danube and Northern Plains

Much of northern Bulgaria is quiet, off-the-beaten-track territory and sees very few foreign visitors. It's a rewarding part of the country to explore, though you'll need plenty of time, patience or, most usefully, your own transport, to visit its more rural corners. Unspoilt mountain landscapes, wild nature reserves and peaceful monasteries are waiting for you to discover. The mighty Danube River shimmers along most of the country’s border with Romania, and the urbane riverside city of Ruse, famed for its Viennese-style architecture and brimming with cafes and museums, is the gateway to Bucharest.

The enigmatic rock churches and rich wildlife of the vast Rusenski Lom Nature Reserve and, further east, serene Lake Srebârna, home to numerous rare bird species, are well worth visiting.

Away from the Danube, the bizarre rock formations at Belogradchik, the remote, charming monasteries at Lopushanski and Chiprovtsi and the dramatic hiking country around Vratsa are sure to delight outdoor enthusiasts.