Brazilian Amazon to Lima

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Rio de Janeiro
Bush camp (no facilities), Camping (with facilities), Homestay, Hostel, Hotel, Jungle Lodge
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Maximum of 22 travellers per group
Boat, Overland vehicle, Train
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Please note that this trip requires minimum numbers to depart, and may be cancelled up until 56 days prior to departure. The places showing on the dates and availability page are an indication only so please contact Intrepid to check if your preferred date will depart before making any final arrangements, such as booking non-changeable flights.


Explore the backwaters of the Brazilian Pantanal Sleep surrounded by the jungle at an Amazon Jungle lodge Hang out with the rarely visited Kalunga tribe Hike the incredible Inca trail in Peru Marvel at the ruins of Machu Picchu Experience a Quechua Indian homestay Visit the coastal wildlife reserve of Paracas Take a cruise and see the seals and seabirds on the Ballastas Isles

Tour description provided by Intrepid

Kick off this South American adventure in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil’s carnival capital. From there, head north and soak up a whole heap of the spectacular Brazilian towns, countryside, culture and communities along the way. Abundant in wildlife and unique sights and sounds, the only bad thing about this trip is that you can’t stay awake for the whole of it! On the way over to Lima, Peru, there’s everything from vast wetlands, Andean treks and unspoilt Inca Trails to discover – with plenty of camping, hiking, sightseeing and relaxing to be had in between. So jump aboard and travel the captivating road from the Brazilian Amazon to Lima.


Day 1 Rio de Janeiro
Arrive in Rio and get swept up in the charisma of this vibrant Brazilian city.
Days 2-3 Ouro Preto
Explore the colonial mining town of Ouro Preto, where old-world baroque churches, and wood and soapstone architecture create an enchanting atmosphere.
Day 4 Bush Camp
Travel through towns, villages and the unique Brazilian countryside before setting up camp for a night under the stars.
Days 5-6 Brasilia
Embark on a fascinating day tour of Brazil’s capital, a city rich in stunning architecture and sculpture.
Day 7 Bush Camp
Start the overland journey into the country's wild heartlands.
Days 8-10 Chapada dos Guimaraes National Park
Splash around in warm springs, hike in the jungle and visit awe-inspiring waterfalls during a stay in the beautiful Chapada dos Guimaraes National Park.
Day 11 Pocone
Arrive in Pocone, the jump off point for expeditions into the Pantanal's pristine wilderness.
Days 12-13 Pantanal
Navigate the vast, wildlife-filled wetlands of central Brazil by boat and canoe.
Days 14-15 Vila Bela de Santissima Trinidade
Delve deeper into the jungle to the tiny Amazonian village of Vila Bela da Santissima Trindade.
Days 16-19 West Brazil Bush Camp
Continue through this remote region's vast river system towards the Peruvian border.
Day 20 Xapuri
Spend a day meandering the quiet, historic streets of back-of-beyond Xapuri.
Days 21-25 Puerto Maldonado/Amazon
Cross the Rio Acre into Peru for a night in Puerto Maldonado, the gateway to the Amazon. Spend the next few days searching for exotic plants and wildlife on various nature outings.
Day 26 Quince Mil
Arrive in the tiny town of Quince Mil for a night in a guesthouse amid a beautiful rainforest setting.
Days 27-28 Cuzco
Make tracks to Cuzco, the ancient capital of the Inca empire. Explore the majestic main plaza before wandering cobbled streets or learning more about Peru’s history and grandeur in the city’s many museums.
Days 29-32 Inca Trail/Quecha Community Trek
Winding around mountains, through valleys and up steep slopes, the iconic Inca Trail is a series of beautiful vistas and challenging hikes all the way to Machu Picchu.
Day 33 Machu Picchu/Cuzco
Built sometime in the 15th century and rediscovered in 1911, the staggering ruins of Machu Picchu were thought to be an estate for the Incan emperor, Pachacuti.
Day 34 Cuzco
A World Heritage site set among red-green hills with ruins scattered close by, Cuzco is impressive in every way - be it history, culture, nightlife or architecture.
Day 35 Raqchi
Traditional houses, customs and handicrafts are a signature part of Raqchi, a small village just outside of Cuzco.
Days 36-37 Chivay/Colca Canyon
Known for its love of karaoke, Chivay is a small town located near the Colca Canyon with an interesting market and some relaxing hot springs close by. Over twice as deep as the Grand Canyon, and with Andean Condors soaring high above, the Colca Canyon commands reverie.
Days 38-39 Arequipa
The beautiful 'White City' of Arequipa is surrounded by volcanoes, is rich in Spanish colonial architecture and abounds with local culture and cuisine.
Day 40 Puerto Inca
Puerto Inca is a tiny, sandy place with an abundance of ruins and beautiful coastal scenery to enjoy.
Day 41 Nazca
Rebuilt completely after a devastating earthquake in 1996, Nazca is home to the mysterious Nazca Lines and a city of colourful houses with a pretty main square.
Day 42 Paracas National Reserve
Home to a large number of birds and wildlife species, Paracas National Reserve helps preserve Peru's marine ecosystem and the cultural heritage of the Paracas people.
Days 43-44 Ballestas Islands/Lima
With birds circling ahead, a dramatic coastline with stone arches and caves, and animals galore lazing on rocks and beaches, the Ballestas Islands are a visual feast. Lima is a large, fascinating hotchpotch of architectural styles, coastal scenes, world cuisines, impressive museums, traditional culture and modern arts and nightlife.