Brazil Frequently Asked Questions

For the benefit of everyone dropping by the Brazil branch for the first time, please read this FAQ first. And I hope there can be some sort of way to moderate the thread to keep it updated and clean. I know there are some AWESOME regular contributors here who enjoy giving advice; I feel this thread can really help to condense the information available.

I'll go first, with some general thoughts from the South America FAQ. Many thank to Apollo for starting that thread and for a great idea.…


Wildlife pantanal cruise

Hi everyone
First time writing .just finished an amazing trip 9 days onboard a 3 storey river boat cruising down the river Paraguay and river Cuiaba All inclusive 2 x safaris per day on powered boats .Jaguars every safari except first 2 days. Food amazing. Giant otters, tapir loads of birds. I recommend it as unique.Company called Pantanal Eco explorer.


buying a flight online with 'decolar' without a CPF - possible?

Anybody have any experience of buy flights online in Brazil? So far the best fare that I can find between Porto Alegre and Sao Paulo is with but I don't seem to be able to complete my transaction without a CPF -- even though I have selected Australian as my nationality... Is there something obvious that I am overlooking?


Advice needed on Brazil, beside Rio

I am flying in and out of Rio on Dec 28 2014 and Jan 9 2015, with my girlfriend.

I plan to be in Rio untill January 2nd and after that, I want to experience other parts of Brazil for a week before I leave on Jan 9. I would like some advice on that.

Options considered:
1) Fly to Salvador and explore the city and the area - The flights I find are all over 1200 R$, is this normal?

2) Rent a car for a trip along the Costa Verde: Ilha Grande, Paraty, Ilhabela and a couple of days in Sao Paulo. (I…


From Sao Paulo to Corumba into Bolivia

I will have a long trip in South America. I will be in Sao Paulo Brazil around mid-November, and then heading to Bolivia. I know that If I can get to Corumba, I can cross into Puerto Quijarro Bolivia and from there I get ride a bus to Santa Cruz. However, I can't find information about travel from Sao Paulo to Corumba. Actually not even Lonely Planet has any mentioning of it or Puerto Quijarro. Any advice from anyone? Thanks!

PS. I'll skip Pantanal National Park since I have to the Amazon three…


Salvador questions

Hi all,

My husband and I will be flying into Salvador Jan 16. At this point our plan is:
- 4x nights in Salvador
- 2x nights Morro de Sao Paulo
- 3x nights Ilha do Boipeba
- 3x nights Arraial
- 3x nights Trancoso

We have a flight out of Porto Seguro Jan 31st at roughly 4pm.

We are looking to relax, rest, eat good food. Day trips around these places would be on the cards. We are not looking at doing multi-day hikes. Some day long nature walks would be fine.

My questions:

Time/distance wise:…

Carnival... Salvador, Recife, Olinda or Sao Paulo?

My friend and I are spending the run up to carnival in Rio but cannot decide where to go for the actual carnival weekend. We will be heading down to Argentina afterwards so our most practical (and cheapest!) option would be Sao Paulo but the celebrations sound a lot more toned down here. Obviously that doesn't necessarily mean not as good, has anyone been?
Or would it be recommended to spend the extra money (a lot extra!) and travel up to Salvador, Olinda or Recife?
I suppose our third option…


3 days in Belo Horizonte- looking for wildlife

Do I have time to visit Canastras Np and return over 3 full days over an October weekend, in and out of BH? If not is there anywhere else to see maned wolf and or near there? I hear Sanctuario Caceras is overwhelmed with tourism on the weekends and so I am told that this is not fun and the wolf don't come except on quiet weekdays. Where would one stay near Canastras? How are the roads from BH to Sacramento area? Is it safe to drive in the evening? What about a bus?


Travel hacks for getting from Mexico/Honduras to Brazil?

Does anyone know of cheap routes from either Mexico or Honduras to Brazil? I've found some good flights from Panama but am unsure about travelling between countries. Thanks!


Deadheading on cruise ships...

We're heard it's possible to 'deadhead' on cruise ships from Santos, Brazil, to Barcelona, Spain. Cruise ships, returning to their base (not a cruise) offer passengers discounted fares (extra revenue). From Brazil to Spain, something like $600U.S. per, a 11-day trip.
Does anything know about this?
F.A. Hutchison
Cochabamba, Bolivia