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Getting around


Bus & tram

To/from the bus station

Bus 66 runs from the Rodoviária Nova to Ponta Negra (Av Engenheiro Roberto Freire); a taxi is R$25 to R$30. Buses 19, 20 and 38 run between the Rodoviária Nova and the Rodoviária Velha (Praça Augusto Severo), a local bus terminal in the city center.


From Av Engenheiro Roberto Freire in Ponta Negra, buses 46 and 54 run to the Praia Shopping mall and on to the center; 56 goes along the Via Costeira then heads inland to the Rodoviária Velha. To get to the Forte dos Reis Magos, you can take 56 as far as the north end of Praia de Areia Preta, where the bus leaves the coast, and walk the remaining 3km up the coast. Buses 54 and 56 go from the Rodoviária Velha to Ponta Negra.

If you’re arriving in Natal by bus from the south and want to get to Ponta Negra, ask to be let off opposite Natal Shopping, cross the footbridge and catch bus 46 or 54.

City bus fares are R$1.60.

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