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Mangue Seco

Getting there & around

The easiest access to Mangue Seco is through Pontal, though boats also leave from Ponto do Mato; both are in Sergipe. Since there are few direct buses to Pontal, you’ll have to route through either Indiaroba or Estância. From Salvador, Linha Verde has one daily bus to Indiaroba (R$24, five hours). Senhor do Bonfim buses go once daily to Estância (R$25, four hours). From Aracaju, Rota Sul has one daily bus to Pontal (R$10, 2½ hours) as well as three daily departures to Indiaroba (R$8, 2¼ hours) at 4pm. Upon arriving in Indiaroba you can hire a taxi for R$30 to Pontal.

Alternately, frequent topiques for Pontal leave from in front of Estância’s hospital. If coming from the north, ask to be let off at the posto de gasolina (gas station) before Estância’s bus station and walk one block up into town to the hospital. A taxi from Estância to Pontal costs R$40.

From Pontal, speed boats charge R$25 for up to six people. Slow boats (R$3) leave when they have 15 people together, which could take hours on quiet days.

Topiques depart Pontal (R$4, 90 minutes, hourly from 5:30am to 8:30am Monday to Saturday) and Ponto do Mato (R$4, two hours, hourly until 6pm) for Estância.

Mangue Seco