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Getting there & away




Buses to Alter do Chão (R$2, 45 minutes) stop on Av Rui Barbosa, Av Barão do Rio Branco and Travessa João Otaviano roughly every hour between 5am and 6:30pm.

Buses to Maguary and Jamaraquá (R$10, four hours, 11am Mon-Sat) in the Floresta Nacional do Tapajós (FLONA) depart from a stop on Av São Sebastião between Av Barão do Rio Branco and Travessa Silvino Pinto, near the Telemar building. Also going to FLONA, buses to Pini and Taquara (R$15, six hours, 1pm Monday to Saturday) leave from a different stop, on Rui Barbosa between Travessas João Otaviano and Senador Lemos.

The bus station (523 4940) is 2.5km west of town. However, departures from there – primarily to Rurópolis, Itaituba, Cuiabá, and Marabá – are unreliable in the rainy season, and can be dangerous year-round due to highway robberies.

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There are two ports for passenger boats.

From Docas do Pará (2.5km west of the center) you can catch a recreo (slow boat) to Belém (hammock R$140 to R$160; 48 hours; 10am, noon and 5pm Friday to Sunday), which stops at Monte Alegre (R$25, six to seven hours) along the way; or to Manaus (hammock R$100 to R$120, 2½ to three days, 2pm Monday to Saturday), with a stop at Parantíns (R$50, 18 hours); or to Macapá (hammock R$100 to R$120, 36 hours, 6pm daily). Buy your ticket a day or two in advance, especially in high season, to be sure you’ll get a spot. Competing ticket booths at the port can make buying a ticket somewhat confusing, unfortunately.

Praça Tiradentes (1km east of center on Av Tapajós) has a port with additional services to midrange destinations such as Parantíns (same price and duration, 3pm Wednesday) and Monte Alegre (same price and duration, 6pm Monday to Saturday). To Alenquer, you can take a slow boat (R$10, six hours, 6pm) from Praça Tiradentes, or a speedboat (R$30, three hours), which departs daily at 3pm from near Restaurante O Mascotinho.

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Most flights go through Manaus (R$170 to R$200) or Belém (R$190 to R$250).

Gol (0300 115 2121; www.voegol.com.br)

Rico (3523 3997, 3064 0192; www.voerico.com.br; Rua Floriano Peixoto 556)

TAM (3523 9450; www.tamairlines.com; Av Mendoça Furtado 913 at Travessa Turiano Meira)

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