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Boa Vista

Getting around

Around town, taxis marked ‘Lotação’ operate like buses, following fixed routes and carrying up to four passengers. The fare is R$2, or R$4 if the driver veers off the route to drop you at a given spot. Private cabs use meters, and can be pricey.

The airport is 3.5km northwest of the city center. To get there, you can take a 206 ‘Aeroporto’ bus (R$1.80) from the terminal urbano (municipal bus terminal) on Av Dr Silvio Botelho or across from the mini-terminal urbano at the top of Praça do Centro Cívico. Buses depart roughly every 30 to 90 minutes from 6am until 11:15; the schedule is reduced on weekends. Taxis to/from the airport and center charge R$25.

The bus station (Av das Guianas, in Bairro São Vicente) is 2.5km southwest of the center. Several buses go there to/from the terminal urbano and the mini-terminal urbano, including ‘Jockei Clube, ’ ‘Raiar do Sol, ’ and ‘Nova Ciudad’ (all R$1.80). Catch any of the same buses back to the center. A private taxi from the center to the bus station costs about R$10, a lotação cab is R$2.