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Boa Vista

Health & safety

Dangers & annoyances

If you go to Praia Grande, be careful of stingrays, especially in low-water season. The sting hurts like a mother; fortunately, rays are quite skittish and you have to actually step on one for it to sting you. Shuffle your feet when entering or exiting the water – the cloud of sand will scare them away – or use a long stick to poke the shallow water in front of you.

Also, while Orla Taumanan is well lit and a popular watering hole at night, the surrounding streets can be a bit seedy – be alert walking home, or just take a cab.

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While you're there

Medical services

Hospital Geral (3236 0326; Rua Recife 1581) Boa Vista’s main public hospital, located 2km from the center of town toward the airport.

Hospital Lotty Iris (3224 1433; Rua Floriana Peixoto) Private hospital convenient to the center.

Yellow fever vaccines are available for free at the airport clinic (8am-noon, 2-6pm Mon-Fri).

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