Rio to Quito via Ushuaia

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Rio de Janeiro
Bush camp (no facilities), Camping (with facilities), Guesthouse, Hacienda, Homestay, Hostel, Hotel, Lodge
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Maximum of 22 travellers per group
Boat, Ferry, Jeep, Overland vehicle, Train
Important Notes
1. This trip is run by our experienced overland partner Dragoman. 2. Please note that this trip requires minimum numbers to depart, and may be cancelled up until 56 days prior to departure. The places showing on the dates and availability page are an indication only so please contact Intrepid to check if your preferred date will depart before making any final arrangements, such as booking non-changeable flights. 3. You need to choose whether you wish to hike the Classic Inca Trail or the Quechua Community Trek at the time of booking. If you do not indicate a preference, the Quechua Community Trek will be confirmed automatically. Classic Inca Trail permits are sold on a request basis only. Once deposit is paid and passport details provided, Intrepid will endeavour to secure a permit for you. If Classic Inca Trail permits are unavailable by the time you book, you will be booked on the Quechua Community Trek instead. The Classic Inca Trail closes in February to allow cleaning and restoration works. If the trek portion of your trip starts in February you will be automatically booked to hike the Quechua Community Trek . Should you choose not to hike at all, please let us know in writing at the time of booking so alternative arrangements can be made. Without this prior warning, local fees may apply.


Revel in Brazil's samba rhythms in Rio de Janeiro, Spot wildlife in the Pantanal wetlands, Make memories on a visit to Iguazu Falls, Travel to Argentina and fall in love with Buenos Aires, Hike through Patagonia's spectacular glacial scenery , Spot exotic animals in the remote 'land of fire', Travel through Argentina's wine region of Mendoza, Haggle for a bargain in La Paz's colourful markets, Follow Peru's ancient Inca Trail, Experience a homestay near the Colca Canyon, Admire Ecuador's ornate buildings in Quito's Old Town

Tour description provided by Intrepid

Get set for the ultimate South American odyssey. Covering six countries over 112 amazing days, travel through Brazil, Argentina, Chile, Bolivia, Peru and Ecuador on this epic adventure. Experience spectacular scenery, magnificent ruins, fascinating culture and some of the friendliest people on the planet. Head south from sun-kissed Rio to amazing Argentina. Sip world-class wines in Chile and marvel at Bolivia's vast salt flats. Follow in the footsteps of the Incas in Peru and discover the irresistible charm of Ecuador. If it's unspoilt nature you're after then this trip has it covered: majestic glaciers, verdant forests, crystal lakes, soaring mountains and more. This unforgettable trip will leave you enchanted by the breathtaking scenery and friendly people of this remarkable continent.


Day 1 Rio de Janeiro
Bigger than life and beautiful to boot, Rio de Janeiro sits resplendent among mountains, rainforest and sea, and emits an energy that is irresistible to everyone who visits.
Days 2-4 Paraty
Step back in time in gorgeous Paraty, where Portuguese colonial buildings, cobblestone streets and horse and cart are set against a verdant backdrop of misty hills.
Days 5-6 Brotas
A tiny place that has a big name for eco-tourism, Brotas offers hiking, kayaking, rafting and other sports in a pristine jungle environment.
Day 7 Campo Grande
Surrounded by picturesque farming country, Campo Grande is a large, multicultural city which is the main gateway to the Pantanal.
Days 8-10 Pantanal
The Pantanal is the largest wetlands in the world and is home to thousands of species of animals and plants, and its 210,00 sq km spreads through Brazil, Paraguay and Bolivia.
Days 11-12 Bonito
Beautiful by name, beautiful by nature, Bonito is a small town set amongst a gorgeous landscape of emerald jungle and glassy, blue rivers simply teeming with life.
Days 13-15 Iguazu Falls
An Argentinean town close to the breathtaking Iguazu Falls, Puerto Iguazu is a relaxed, friendly place to rest after a day enjoying the splendour of the falls.
Day 16 San Ignacio Mini
Founded in 1632 and now well-preserved ruins, San Ignacio Mini is an old Jesuit mission that was destroyed in 1817 and rediscovered amongst the jungle the late 1800s.
Days 17-20 Bush Camp/Buenos Aires
Cosmopolitan, cultured and chic, Buenos Aires has European sensibilities with a fiery Latin heart. Discover colonial architecture, funky neighbourhoods, exceptional cuisine and a thriving nightlife.
Day 21 Bush Camp
Travel up the coast of Argentina, enjoying sea views and the small towns that are dotted along the way. Camp overnight.
Days 22-23 Puerto Madryn
Puerto Madryn is a popular beachfront city with Welsh roots and is close to the Valdez Peninsula, a protected wildlife sanctuary.
Day 24 Camarones
A nature lover's paradise with amazing penguin colonies and an abundance of animal species and marine life, sleepy Camarones is a lovely place to relax oceanside .
Day 25 Atlantic Bush Camp
See ocean vistas, quirky towns and an array of animals while travelling and camping along Argentina's Atlantic Coast.
Days 26-27 Perito Moreno Glacier/El Calafate
One of the few advancing glaciers in the world, Perito Moreno Glacier is a glorious, electric-blue mass of ice that occasionally breaks dramatically into Lago Argentino. Los Glaciares National Park is resplendent with its 47 glaciers, soaring mountains perfect for climbing, inviting grassy plains and lakes of the deepest blue.
Days 28-32 Torres del Paine National Park
Venture into Torres del Paine National Park. Spend the following few days visiting the lakes and glaciers that combine to make this Patagonia's premier wilderness frontier, or take them all in under your own steam on the famous W-walk.
Day 33 Magellan Straits
Unpredictable currents and winds, combined with the narrowness of the passage, has made the Straits of Magellan a beautiful yet precarious route for many ships over the centuries.
Days 34-36 Ushuaia
A picturesque town at the end of the world, Ushuaia is the launching pad for many Antarctica trips and is also excellent for hiking and mountain-based activities.
Day 37 Magellan Straits
Look out for condors, buzzard eagles, seals and sea lions, all of which thrive in harsh conditions on the Magellan Straits.
Days 38-40 El Chalten/Los Glaciares National Park
The small village of El Chalten, nestled between picturesque mountains within Glacier National Park, is mainly a campsite for visitors, albeit a spectacular one. Los Glaciares National Park is resplendent with its 47 glaciers, soaring mountains perfect for climbing, inviting grassy plains and lakes of the deepest blue.
Day 41 Bush Camp
Ferry back across the treacherous Magellan Straits. Be immersed in this amazing landscape while overlanding across the Patagonian Steppe.
Day 42 Rio Pinturas
Running through the sunburnt Pinturas River Canyon, Rio Pinturas runs through Patagonia and is home to the Cueva de las Manos, a cave filled with pictures of prehistoric hands and animals.
Day 43 Esquel
The Old Patagonia Express and the Esquel meteorite are the claims to fame for Esquel, a small town surrounded by gorgeous mountain scenery.
Days 44-46 Bariloche
A city of immense natural beauty known for its great chocolate, Bariloche is fabulous for sports lovers and food connoisseurs in all its picturesque seasons.
Days 47-49 Pucon
With the spectacular Villarrica volcano bubbling away in the background, captivating Pucon is an adventure lover's paradise with outdoor activities galore in a gorgeous natural setting.
Day 50 Salto del Laja
With four beautiful waterfalls cascading from the river Laja, Salto del Laja is a celebrated summer holiday destination surrounded by forests and greenery.
Days 51-52 Santiago
Set within a circle of snow-capped mountains, Santiago is vibrant, artistic and gourmet - and the gateway to adventures in the snow, sea or desert.
Days 53-54 Mendoza
Famed for its wine and raft of adventure activities, Mendoza is a lovely city to get lost in with its wide streets, excellent eateries and gorgeous plazas.
Days 55-58 Estancia Stay
Set in the picturesque landscape around Rio Ceballos, this traditional Argentine estancia offers the opportunity to live like a gaucho with horse-riding, hiking and sampling an asado (barbecue).
Day 59 Quilmes
The ruined citadel of the Quilmes - a local people displaced in the 17th century by the Spanish - is a fascinating site located in Argentina's Calchaqui Valley.
Day 60 Cafayate
Vineyards, wineries and artisans dominate the picturesque town of Cafayate and its surrounds, the perfect place to sample some world-class wine, food and scenery.
Days 61-62 Salta
With its well-preserved colonial buildings, candle-lit cafes, fine museums and surrounding natural beauty, Salta is one of Argentina's most charming cities.
Days 63-64 San Pedro de Atacama
Gorgeous desert landscapes, atmospheric, whitewashed adobe houses and a lively town centre has made San Pedro de Atacama one of Chile's most popular travel destinations.
Day 65 Bolivian Altiplano
A true wilderness featuring volcanoes, salt pans and colourful lakes, the Bolivian Altiplano stretches out from Lake Titicaca to the borders of Argentina and Chile.
Days 66-68 Uyuni/Salar de Uyuni
Popular due to its proximity to the Salar de Uyuni, the town of Uyuni is small and charming, and feels very remote, especially at the photogenic train cemetery. The world's largest salt flat, the Salar de Uyuni, is a spectacular sight - whether reflecting like a mirror in the wet or cracking during the dry.
Days 69-70 Potosi
The loveliness of Potosi - one of the highest and more fascinating cities in the world - is mirrored by the harshness of its mines and mining history.
Days 71-72 La Paz
Built in a canyon, the unique and bewtiching city of La Paz is filled with steep, cobbled streets, fascinating markets, evident tradition and captivating sights.
Days 73-74 Copacabana
A lovely little town situated between two hills and looking out over Lake Titicaca, Copacabana has beautiful scenery and coastline, great eateries and a fascinating religious culture.
Day 75 Lake Titicaca/Puno
Puno is a colourful town on the Peruvian shores of Lake Titicaca, expect to see traditionally dressed locals, chaotic markets and, if lucky enough, even dancing in the streets.
Days 76-77 Cuzco
Cuzco is the gateway to Machu Picchu and a city with majestic architecture, impressive ruins, a lively town centre and cultural significance around every cobblestone corner.
Days 78-81 Inca Trail/Quecha Community Trek
Winding around mountains, through valleys and up steep slopes, the iconic Inca Trail is a series of beautiful vistas and challenging hikes all the way to Machu Picchu.
Days 82-83 Machu Picchu/Cuzco
Built sometime in the 15th century and rediscovered in 1911, the staggering ruins of Machu Picchu were thought to be an estate for the Incan emperor, Pachacuti.
Day 84 Raqchi
Traditional houses, customs and handicrafts are a signature part of Raqchi, a small village just outside of Cuzco.
Days 85-86 Chivay/Colca Canyon
Known for its love of karaoke, Chivay is a small town located near the Colca Canyon with an interesting market and some relaxing hot springs close by. Over twice as deep as the Grand Canyon, and with Andean Condors soaring high above, the Colca Canyon commands reverie.
Days 87-88 Arequipa
The beautiful 'White City' of Arequipa is surrounded by volcanoes, is rich in Spanish colonial architecture and abounds with local culture and cuisine.
Day 89 Puerto Inca
Puerto Inca is a tiny, sandy place with an abundance of ruins and beautiful coastal scenery to enjoy.
Day 90 Nazca
Rebuilt completely after a devastating earthquake in 1996, Nazca is home to the mysterious Nazca Lines and a city of colourful houses with a pretty main square.
Day 91 Paracas National Reserve
Home to a large number of birds and wildlife species, Paracas National Reserve helps preserve Peru's marine ecosystem and the cultural heritage of the Paracas people.
Days 92-93 Ballestas Islands/Lima
With birds circling ahead, a dramatic coastline with stone arches and caves, and animals galore lazing on rocks and beaches, the Ballestas Islands are a visual feast. Lima is a large, fascinating hotchpotch of architectural styles, coastal scenes, world cuisines, impressive museums, traditional culture and modern arts and nightlife.
Days 94-95 Huanchaco
Famed for its 'surfing' fishermen, Huanchaco was once a small fishing village but is now a relaxed beach haven for travellers keen on seeing the nearby ruins.
Days 96-98 Punta Sal
Gorgeous secluded beaches, blue skies and a relaxed pace of life are on offer in Punta Sal, a lovely beachside town in the very north of Peru.
Days 99-100 Cuenca
With roots tracing back to 8000BC, Cuenca is a fascinating and beautiful city, and World Heritage-listed due to its wonderfully preserved heritage buildings.
Days 101-102 Chugchilan/Quilotoa Loop
Nestled in amongst the Andes, Chugchilan is a picturesque village with amazing mountain scenery, wonderful hiking trails and is a perfect base to explore the area. The Quilotoa Loop starts in Latacunga and journeys through local villages, stunning mountain vistas, cloud forests and valleys, and to the beautiful Laguna Quilotoa.
Days 103-105 Rio Verde
Rio Verde is a beautiful little town set in a valley with great hiking and close to several lovely waterfalls, including the San Miguels falls.
Day 106 Coca
Official named after the famous explorer, Francisco de Orellana, Coca is the more commonly known name for this Amazon town, which makes a great starting point for jungle adventures.
Days 107-110 Amazon Jungle
The Amazon Rainforest, over 1.7 billion acres in size and spilling over into 8 countries, is a wondrous place with a bounty of plantlife, animals and fascinating communities.
Days 111-112 Quito
Quito is a cultured city with a wonderous Old Town, a dynamic nightlife and atmospheric streets showcasing Ecuadorian life in all its splendour.