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Getting there & away

There are flights between Cuiabá and many airports in Brazil (with the notable omission of Corumbá in Mato Grosso do Sul) by TAM (3614 2557), Gol (3682 1645) and OceanAir (3614 2550). The latter and Trip (3682 2555) fly to Alta Floresta.

Frequent buses make the trip to Poconé (R$15.85, 2½ hours, six daily); the first leaves at 6am. To Barão de Melgaço (R$24.85, 2½ hours, two daily). For Chapada dos Guimarães (R$8.50, one hour, hourly) there are buses every hour from 7am, but take an early bus if you’re doing a day trip.

Buses go to Cáceres (R$34.50, four hours, seven daily), with connections to Santa Cruz in Bolivia. Porto Velho (R$99, 24 hours, two daily) is a long ride. There are buses daily to Goiânia (R$95, 15 hours, six daily) and Brasília (R$107, 15 hours, five daily). Most of the buses to Campo Grande (R$80.50, 11 hours, four daily) stop at Coxim (R$52.10, seven hours). To Alta Floresta (R$125.50, 13½ hours, four daily), the first bus leaves at 6am.