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The Amazon

Getting there & away

Manaus and Belém are the major transportation hubs of the Amazon. Most travelers arrive by air – Manaus receives the bulk of international flights, including direct flights from Miami and Buenos Aires, while both cities have frequent domestic air service. Manaus has limited bus service, while Belém has buses arriving and departing from all over Brazil. Some travelers enter the Brazilian Amazon by boat from Peru or Colombia, crossing at what is known as the Triple Frontier; others arrive overland from Venezuela or Guyana where there’s bus service to Manaus, or from Bolivia, at the border towns of Gujará-Mirim or Brasiléia. Those coming from the interior of Brazil, including Brasília or the Pantanal, can enter the Amazon via Porto Velho, where they catch a plane or river boat to Manaus, or via Palmas in the state of Tocantins, connecting by bus to Belém.