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Rio Branco

Getting there & away

Highway BR-364 is paved and well-maintained between Rio Branco and Porto Velho, and as far as Sena Madureira, 170km beyond Rio Branco. Likewise, the road from Rio Branco to Brasiléia (235km) and Assis Brasil on the Peruvian border are also paved, and have year-round bus service. Beyond those corridors, however, most of Acre’s roads are unpaved, and can be difficult or impassable during the rainy season, usually October to May (most of the year, that is). Boat and plane may be the only options during those times.




Real Norte (3224 4293, toll-free 0800 647 6666; www.realnorte.com.br) has service to Xapuri (R$18.50, 3½ hours, twice daily), Brasília (R$19, four hours, five departures daily), Assis Brasil (R$32.50, six hours, twice daily), Guajará-Mirim (R$49.50, seven to eight hours, once daily); and Porto Velho (ordinary/semi-leito R$58/63.50, seven to eight hours, four daily). The road to Cruzeiro do Sol ($108, 19 hours) is passable only in July and August; otherwise, the only way to get there is to fly.

Eucatur (3244 2233) and Andorinha (3224 2233) each have morning departures to Brasilia (R$260 to R$270, 50 to 55 hours services) with onward connections from there.

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The Rio Acre is navigable all the way to the Peruvian border at Assis Brasil but there’s little river traffic (and none that follows a schedule). Headed the other direction, it’s possible to catch a boat down the Rio Purus from the town of Boca do Acre, north of Rio Branco, theoretically all the way to Manaus. That said, if Manaus is your destination, there’s much more frequent and reliable boat service on the Rio Madeiro, leaving from Porto Velho.

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Three airlines serve Rio Branco, with daily flights to Porto Velho and Brasilia (and onward connections from there) plus seasonal service to Cruzeiro do Sul.

Gol (0300 115 2121; at airport only)

Rico (3223 5902; Av Ceará 2090)

TAM (4002 5700; at airport only)

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