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Getting there & around


Bus & tram


The bus station (3433 2991) is 2km southwest from the city center. Local buses go every 15 minutes to the city center. Viacão Verdes Mares runs regular buses to Ilha de São Francisco (R$8, every one to two hours).

Other destinations include Curitiba (R$17, 2½ hours, hourly); São Paulo (R$62, leito R$110, eight hours, five daily); Florianópolis (R$33, 2½ hours, hourly); Blumenau (R$20, two hours, hourly); Porto Alegre (US$18, nine hours, daily); and Foz do Iguaçu (US$22, 16 hours, daily).

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The airport (3467 1000) is 12km from the city; Aeroporto buses leave from the local bus terminal on Praça da Bandeira. There are regular flights from Joinville to Curitiba (40 minutes), Florianópolis (30 minutes), Brasília (2½ hours), Rio (1½ hours) and São Paulo (one hour).

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