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Money and costs

Daily Costs
The following are average costs per day:
  • hostel bed R$45 to R$60
  • sandwich and drink in a juice bar R$12
  • drinks on the street in Lapa R$6
Budget (up to)
  • standard double room in Copacabana R$350
  • dinner for two R$100 to R$150
  • guided tours R$90 to R$150
  • admission to a samba club R$20 to R$50
  • boutique hotel room R$600
  • dinner for two at top restaurants with drinks R$300
  • hang gliding off Pedra Bonita R$350

The monetary unit of Brazil is the real (R$, pronounced hay-ow); the plural is reais (pronounced hay-ice). The real is made up of 100 centavos. Most prices in this guide are quoted in reais, though some hoteliers prefer to list their rates in US dollars or euros.


In restaurants the service charge is usually included in the bill and is mandatory; when it is not included in the bill, it's customary to leave a 10% tip. If a waiter is friendly and helpful, you can give more.

There are many other places where tipping is not customary but is a welcome gesture. The workers at local juice stands, bars and coffee corners, and street- and beach-vendors, are all tipped on occasion. Parking assistants receive no wages and are dependent on tips, usually about R$4. Taxi drivers are not usually tipped, but it is common to round up the fare.