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Bosnia & Hercegovina

Getting around

Bus & tram


Bosnia and Hercegovina’s bus network is comprehensive and reliable, although some buses verge on the decrepit. Some services between distant towns may be limited. As in other matters, the Federation and RS run separate services. Stowing luggage usually costs up to 2KM per item, depending on the route. Buses usually run on time, although they are slow due to winding roads and occasional stops for drivers and passengers to eat and smoke.

Sample fares are 13.50KM for Mostar to Sarajevo, 23KM for Sarajevo to Jajce and 16KM from Banja Luka to Bihać. Generally, reservations aren’t really necessary except on international buses or on infrequent long-distance services during holiday times.

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Car & motorcycle

Narrow roads, hills and bends in the countryside slow down car driving and make for challenging motorcycling. Some drivers believe they’re immortal and drive like maniacs, overtaking on sharp curves, but vigilant roadside police with speed cameras often catch them.


Car rental is available in the bigger cities with prices from €40/250 for one day/week with unlimited mileage. In Sarajevo Lami Rent a Car (061 260 609) charges from €33 a day. There’s no problem with driving hire cars between the country’s different entities.

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Only adventurous foreigners cycle out into the countryside, where the roads can be very hilly. Do not venture off established concrete or asphalt surfaces because of the risk of mines. There is a core of cyclists in Sarajevo but, again, they tend to be foreigners.

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