Kuršumlija Madrasa

Kuršumlija Madrasa information

Sarajevo , Bosnia & Hercegovina
Saraći 33-49
admission 2KM
Opening hours
museum 9am-8pm, Haniqah 9am-9pm
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Distinctive for its row of chimneys and named for its lead roofing, this fine 1537 building was built as a religious school but now hosts a small exhibition about the colourful life and numerous creative works of Ottoman Governor Gazi-Husrevbeg. There's little in the way of artefacts but the video is well worth watching.

Within the same courtyard, directly east of the madrasa is the pretty, colonnaded Haniqah . It was originally built as a Nasqbandi sufi philosophical school but now hosts occasional exhibitions – recently a very interesting examination of female Islamic fashions in the Balkans over the past 300 years.