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Getting there & away



Bus & camión

The bus terminal (663-6508) is at the east end of town, a 20-minute walk from the center along Av Victor Paz Estenssoro. Several flotas (long-distance bus companies) run buses to Potosí (US$6.50, 12 to 15 hours), with connections to Uyuni (US$8, 20 hours), Oruro (US$9, 20 hours), Cochabamba (US$12, 26 hours) and Sucre (US$9, 18 hours); most leave daily in the afternoon.

Buses to Tupiza (US$4 to US$5, nine to 10 hours) and Villazón (US$4 to US$5, 10 hours) depart daily in the evening. Buses leave every morning to Yacuiba (US$4, 12 hours); this is a lovely journey. Daily buses for La Paz (US$15, 24 hours) leave at 7:30am. There are also daily services to Camiri (US$8, 14 hours), with connections to Santa Cruz (US$11, 24 hours) and numerous buses head daily for Bermejo (US$3.50, six hours).

You can also travel directly to most Argentine cities daily, including Buenos Aires (US$50, 32 hours). There is a daily service to Santiago, Chile (US$65, 34 hours), via Mendoza, Argentina, as well. International services to Asunción (Paraguay), Iquique (Chile) and Montevideo (Uruguay) are also regular.

To go to Yacuiba or Villamontes, the best place to wait for a camiónis at the tranca (highway police post) east of town. Although it’s an uncomfortable ride, you’ll pass through some fabulous scenery, especially the stretch between Entre Ríos and Palos Blancos, and through the Pilcomayo Gorge. Use the north tranca for Villazón and Potosí and the southeast tranca for Yacuiba and Bermejo.

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The Oriel Lea Plaza Airport is 3km east of town off Av Victor Paz Estenssoro. LAB (664-2195; Trigo N-329) supposedly has regular services to Cochabamba and a couple of flights a week to Santa Cruz. TAM (664-2734; La Madrid O-470) has Saturday flights to Santa Cruz (US$55) and Sunday flights to La Paz (US$75) via Sucre (US$40). AeroSur (663-0893; cnr Ingavi & Sucre) flies three times a week to La Paz (US$90) and Santa Cruz (US$65).

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