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Getting there & away



Bus & shared taxi

The bus terminal (644-1292) is a 15-minute walk uphill from the centre, and most easily accessed by micros A or 3 from along Calle España, or by taxi (as the micros are too crowded for lots of luggage). Unless you’re headed for Potosí, it’s wise to book long-distance buses a day in advance, in order to reserve a good seat. There’s a terminal tax of US$0.40 here; services include a good information kiosk but no ATM.

One of the bus companies, Trans Real Audiencia (644-3119; San Alberto 73; 8:30am-9pm), has a central office where you can purchase tickets, which saves a trip to the bus station. They also run Sunday trips to Tarabuco.

Daily buses run to Cochabamba (around US$8, 12 hours), which all depart at around 6:30pm. There are also afternoon (4pm to 6pm) services to Santa Cruz (US$9 to US$11, 15 to 20 hours), mostly via the rough but scenic Samaipata route.

Lots of flotas have morning and evening departures for La Paz (US$11 to US$15, 14 to 16 hours) via Oruro (US$6 to US$8, 10 hours). There are around 40 departures a day for Potosí (US$2.50, three hours) from 7am until 6pm; some persevere to Tarija (US$9.50, 15 hours), Oruro and Villazón. You’ll find daily connections to Uyuni (US$6, 10 to 12 hours), but they normally entail changing buses at Potosí.

Alternatively, you can take a shared taxi (US$16 for up to four people, 2½ hours), which is quicker and comfier, to Potosí. Most hotels can help arrange shared taxis. Try Turismo Global (642-5125), Cielito Lindo (644-1014) or Infinito del Sur (642-2277). Expect speed.

Whenever the road is passable, Flota Chaqueño does the beautiful-but-brutal trip to Camiri (US$13.50, 18 hours), with connections to the Argentine border at Yacuiba.


A recently implemented train service from Sucre to Potosí was, at time of writing, temporarily suspended but due to resume. Leaving from El Tejar siding near the cemetery, scheduled departures for this spectacular trip were at 8am Monday, Wednesday and Friday for the scenic six-hour journey (US$4.40 one-way), returning from Potosí at 8am on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday. Call Epifanio Flores (7287-6280) to check whether the service is in operation.

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The domestic departure tax is US$1.90. AeroSur (645-4895; Arenales 31) operates one daily flight from La Paz, one to Cochabamba and a couple to Santa Cruz. At time of research, troubled LAB (691-3184; España 105) was operating one flight from Sucre to La Paz via Cochabamba, but none in the reverse direction. TAM (Airport645-1310, Office 696-0944; Junín 744) flies on Friday to Cochabamba and Santa Cruz and on Sunday to La Paz. There are mooted plans to replace Sucre’s inadequate, borderline dangerous airport (645-4445) with a new, international one. Note that the airport is frequently shut in bad weather, so check with the airline before heading out there.

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