Convento de Santa Teresa

sights / Religious

Convento de Santa Teresa information

Cochabamba , Bolivia
Baptista & Ecuador
admission B$20
Opening hours
tours hourly 9-11am & 2.30-4.30pm Mon-Fri, 2.30-4.30pm Sat
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The most interesting building in town is the noble, timeworn Convento de Santa Teresa. Visits to this gracefully decaying complex are by guided tour only and provide a snapshot of the extraordinary lives led by the cloistered nuns that inhabit it. You see the peaceful cloister, fine altarpieces and sculptures (from Spanish and Potosí schools), the convent church and even get to ascend to the roof for a glorious view over the city. The convent was founded in 1760 and then destroyed in an earthquake. A new church was built with an excess of ambition, but was too big to be domed. The existing church was built inside it in 1790. There’s still a Carmelite community here, but its handful of nuns are now housed in more comfortable modern quarters next door. It’s a fascinating visit; pacing the convent’s corridors, you could be in a Gabriel García Márquez novel.