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Lake Titicaca

Getting there & away

Lake Titicaca is a focal point for visitors from both Peru and Bolivia. The road journey between La Paz and Copacabana – whether in minibus, bus or car – is impressive. It follows a scenic route with the Cordillera Real on one side and, after the Altiplano, the lake shoreline on the other. Vehicles are ferried by barge across the Estrecho de Tiquina (Tiquina Straits) while passengers ride in launches.

If you have limited time, a quick way to ‘do’ Titicaca is to choose from several La Paz–based companies that offer guided lake excursions on hydrofoils, catamarans or motor boat. The most popular companies are Balsa Tours which offers motor excursions around the lake; Crillon Tours, an upmarket agency with a hydrofoil service; and Transturin, which runs day and overnight cruises in covered catamarans.