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Amsterdam: beyond the smoke and red lights

This is a guest post by Colm Hanratty, Editor of Hostelworld.com. Relaxing in Vondelpark. (Getty Images) Certain cities in the world make me happy simply to be there. Edinburgh is one, Dubrovnik is another, and …

By admin   3 November 2012 2:49am Europe/London

Southeast Asia on a Shoestring, 20 years (and a child) later

When we bought our 1992 edition of Southeast Asia on a Shoestring to start making travel plans, there was no Internet. No social media, no hostel booking sites, no Thorn Tree, no TripAdvisor. Not even …

By admin   29 August 2012 5:05am Europe/London
Seagulls flying over beach

Twitter Landscapes competition: the winner picture

Last month we asked you to send us great pictures for our Landscapes competition on Twitter and the response was overwhelming, with over 300 pictures submitted in the space of two weeks. The winner and …

By admin   18 August 2012 3:02am Europe/London
Seoul - Sungjin Kim

Capture the City Photo Competition: the winner

When we launched the Capture the City photo competition, we weren’t sure how travellers would respond. After sorting through over 2500 beautiful entries we now know the answer: everyone who entered aimed to make our …

By admin   26 July 2012 7:35am Europe/London

Free London ebooks and apps in celebration of the Olympics

On the ground in London or watching from afar – or even if you’re dreaming of a trip to London in the near future – in celebration of the Olympic Games we’ve made four of …

By admin   20 July 2012 8:00am Europe/London
Meter with Printer

Top US travel scams

Considering the vast numbers of travellers each year, it’s encouraging that so little bad happens to people on the road. But there are things to be wary of. In the USA too, where American families …

By admin   10 July 2012 5:52am Europe/London
Our granūla (recipe below)

76-Second Travel Show: ‘How to make the world’s first breakfast cereal’

Breakfast cereal is the greatest food ever invented. Ready-made, pour-on-milk-and-go cereal. Ever wonder where it came from? Turns out a health nut with a dramatic beard, Dr James Caleb Jackson, created it during the US …

By admin   6 July 2012 5:54am Europe/London

How to be an ‘independence’ traveller

Independent travel is hot these days, as more travelers are planning trips themselves, going to new places and having greater experiences by delving deeper into local customs wherever they go. That’s music to our ears. …

By admin   3 July 2012 10:35am Europe/London
Behind the scenes • Competitions

Lonely Planet meets Layar: bridging the print-digital divide

Once a book is printed, it’s printed – nothing changes without a reprint. But what if you could add contextual digital content to enhance the book with real-time information on the fly? We’re experimenting with …

By admin   25 June 2012 12:01am Europe/London

Top 10 travel-inspiring flags of the world

The USA is one of a handful of nations that sets aside a day, official or otherwise, as a national flag day. June 14 (quietly) marks the date in 1777 when the US flag was …

By admin   12 June 2012 7:10am Europe/London