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21 strangest things you should know about the USA

CURIOS! BEHEADED PUMPKINS! FALSE QUARTERS! & OTHER STRANGE, SOMETIMES DISPUTED, ‘FACTS’ 1. Yes, Kansas IS flatter than a pancake. Anyone crossing I-70 swears by it, but a 2003 study using a cross-section of a flapjack …

By admin   3 November 2009 1:27am Europe/London
It now costs more to fly from London's Heathrow Airport

Beat the air travel tax hike

If you’re booking a flight from the UK, you may notice from 1 November that it seems a little more expensive. The travel industry’s least favourite three little words, Air Passenger Duty, is on the …

By Tom Hall   2 November 2009 11:52pm Europe/London
Very valuable ravens

Holy cows, step dogs & other tourist animals

Meeting locals is key to getting to the heart of destination. However, in some instances the locals aren’t human. Many tourist sights have strong relationships with animals. For instance, arguably the most valuable things contained …

By admin   2 November 2009 11:15am Europe/London
Kata Tjuta (The Olgas) at sunset.

Weekly travel quiz: 30 October

Here are the answers to the quiz. How’d you do? 1. What tasty French grape celebrates the beginning of its wine season with a weeklong festival starting on November 18? Nouveau Beaujolais 2. What Australian …

By admin   30 October 2009 3:48pm Europe/London

Monster mail

We often get interesting and inspiring mail from our community. But we recently received one of the most cryptic messages we’ve ever seen. It’s a letter with accompanying filmstrip that reads: Please enjoy this strip …

By admin   30 October 2009 1:19pm Europe/London
sleeping donkey with luggage

Huh? United loses ‘United Breaks Guitars’ guy’s bags!

This has to take the cake. Remember David Carroll, whose acoustic guitar was smashed by United Airlines’ luggage handlers? If you don’t, here’s the song he recorded, which went viral: httpv://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5YGc4zOqozo Well, turns out that …

By admin   30 October 2009 10:26am Europe/London

76-Second Travel Show: “In Pittsburgh (Cancelled)”

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, has to be in the running for the most improved city of the past 15 years. Once known for its smoke-belching factories, the riverfront is alive with pedestrians, boaters with beers, a couple …

By admin   30 October 2009 12:29am Europe/London

Lost your situational awareness lately?

Last week a couple of Northwest Airlines pilots made headlines when they overshot their destination (Minneapolis airport) by about 150 miles, claiming a loss of ‘situational awareness’. This got the comics chuckling, and us thinking …

By admin   28 October 2009 12:50pm Europe/London

Flying on the cheap

They say you get what you pay for, and nowhere does this annoying old truism seem more spot on than in the stripped-back world of discount airlines. Virtually everyone who has travelled on one of …

By admin   27 October 2009 4:13pm Europe/London

76-Second Travel Show: “(A Safe) Halloween in Transylvania”

EPISODE #004: Warning some footage may be disturbing to some viewers. Worn out of all this season’s horror, fear and fright? The 76-Second Travel Show is too, and offers a comforting TOP 3 SAFE & …

By admin   27 October 2009 2:34am Europe/London