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Handmade memories

The clothes may make the man, but making the clothes is a different matter. When we travel we’re often looking to bring something special home as a souvenir. There’s something captivating and intimate about having …

By admin   30 December 2009 2:22pm Europe/London

2010 predictions

Everyone seems to like taking a stab at annual forecast lists. (Lonely Planet packed a hearty bunch together in a book of 2010 travel trends.) Some obvious inclusions in any such list would include South …

By admin   29 December 2009 7:54am Europe/London

Holly Jolly solstice

Only a couple of sleeps and it’s Christmas. Time to fire up those chestnuts, glaze that turkey and concoct the new year’s resolutions we’ll be breaking in a month or two. Every year our Women …

By admin   23 December 2009 2:37pm Europe/London

76-Second Travel Show: ‘Have Yourself a Robust Christmas’

It used to be kicked around conference-room tables – to describe business objectives, project sales growths, maybe a hearty merlot at a company picnic. But now, suddenly!, the use of ‘robust’ has extended everywhere. The …

By admin   23 December 2009 5:31am Europe/London
Asmara's Tagliero Building

A decade in travel: Tom Hall’s review

Concluding our globetrotting review of the decade, Lonely Planet’s European Travel Editor Tom Hall takes us through his highlights of the past ten years. Best place visited in the past ten years? Echoing Frances, it’s …

By Tom Hall   22 December 2009 9:40pm Europe/London
Eating the 7 Line

A decade in travel: Robert Reid’s review

As the noughties draw to a close we’re talking a decade in travel with some of Lonely Planet’s writers. Here Lonely Planet’s US Travel Editor and author Robert Reid talks us through ten years on …

By Tom Hall   22 December 2009 9:20pm Europe/London
Saudi Arabia's Empty Quarter

A decade in travel: Frances Linzee Gordon’s review

We continue our review of the past ten years of travel by talking to writer and photographer Frances Linzee Gordon. Frances is one of Lonely Planet’s best-known authors, writing on the Middle East and Africa …

By Tom Hall   22 December 2009 9:07pm Europe/London
Provence: what a let-down

A decade in travel: Tony Wheeler’s review

The world has changed a lot in the past ten years, and travel with it. In the run-up to the end of the decade, I caught up with a few of Lonely Planet’s nearest and …

By Tom Hall   22 December 2009 1:54am Europe/London

Tamales: America’s oldest Christmas food

New Mexico is my kind of state. Every American state has its boring official state motto, bird, and rock – but any state that has an official state question is clearly an interesting place, particularly …

By admin   18 December 2009 10:34am Europe/London

76-Second Travel Show: ‘Making friends at Phoenix’s airport’

Recently, we were approached by men’s grooming brand Axe to discuss working together. This article was inspired by a survey carried out by Axe. THE USA’s GREATEST PYRAMID Phoenix‘s Sky Harbor is supposedly awful as …

By admin   16 December 2009 6:10am Europe/London