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Discover our new guidebooks!

We’re excited to be launching a new type of guidebook: Discover. Why launch a new series? Because we know not every traveler is the same, and not every trip is the same. For some folks, …

By admin   12 March 2010 3:34pm Europe/London

76-Second Travel Show: ‘Spring Break is 50, kinda’

There is absolutely nothing more embarrassing about Americans than how many act during Spring Break. Well, it at least makes the Top 5. The traditional week-off from school in March can be measured in the …

By admin   10 March 2010 7:23am Europe/London

Eat well on the move in Europe

The sniff of Spring is in the air in Europe, which means planning for summer journeys can begin. One overlooked detail of riding the rails in Europe is the food, glorious food that you may …

By Tom Hall   9 March 2010 2:58am Europe/London

The world’s greatest travel stories… yours!

LONELY PLANET/WALL STREET JOURNAL CONTEST Ever want to be published in the Wall Street Journal? You can be. Lonely Planet has teamed up with WSJ to search out the world’s greatest travel stories – and …

By admin   6 March 2010 8:49am Europe/London

76-Second Travel Show: ‘What travel teaches’

At the New York Times Travel Show last weekend, I learned that Lonely Planet’s Guide to Travel Writing author Don George is a failed poet, Sree Sreenivasan of Columbia University believes it’s impossible to be …

By admin   3 March 2010 1:33am Europe/London

Twities competition – Tweet the city of the week

Can you get to the heart of a place in 140 characters? Each week our Twitter team will choose a city, and the tweet that best captures the essence of the place will win a …

By admin   26 February 2010 8:02am Europe/London
That will need to go in the hold, Sir

Ten things you can learn from Lonely Planet’s Best Ever Travel Tips

Lonely Planet’s Best Ever Travel Tips has just hit the Shop and bookshelves around the world.  As the author of this book I had a lot of fun putting it together and learnt a lot …

By Tom Hall   25 February 2010 1:38am Europe/London

76-Second Travel Show: ‘Here come the Siberians’

The 5663-mile ride from Moscow to Vladivostok — aka the Trans-Siberian Railway — may be the world’s most legendary ride. It takes over six days, passing through seven time zones and connects you from Europe …

By admin   24 February 2010 1:29am Europe/London
If not polar then really quite chilly bear, National Museum, Helsinki

Surviving super-cold travel

Northern Europe is still shivering in the this winter’s formidably icy grip. And with no end in sight  it felt like high time to wrap up and get out there. I pondered the wisdom of …

By Tom Hall   19 February 2010 9:57pm Europe/London
A view of the Trans-Siberian

This week in travel…

What we learned the week of February 15, 2010: Haiti voluntourism opportunities are starting. Some observers are worried a ‘spring break in Haiti’ (to volunteer) is too early to visit, but some volunteer groups are …

By admin   19 February 2010 3:13pm Europe/London