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Have kitty, will travel

For pet lovers, one of the downsides to overseas travel is having to say goodbye, even for a little while, to their fuzzy little buddies. After a while out there, you can find yourself really …

By admin   23 April 2010 5:28pm Europe/London

Poll: Bye-bye American pie?

What’s the best regional style of pizza in the US? Can American pizza compete with Italian pizza? Travelers weigh in on the pizza debates.

By admin   22 April 2010 4:33am Europe/London

Happy National Parks Week!

We’re huge lovers of the US national parks so we’re excited that the National Park Service has waived fees April 17-25 in honor of National Parks Week. Yosemite is just a mere 3-4 hours from …

By admin   21 April 2010 9:49am Europe/London
Heathrow: only sparrows flying

Ash Tuesday

Volcano-related chaos may be abating in parts of Europe, but the problem shows no sign of going away. Yesterday at Heathrow Airport in London it was so quiet you could hear birdsong where normally there’s …

By Tom Hall   21 April 2010 2:45am Europe/London
Eruption of Eyjafjallajökull Volcano, Iceland April 17 by NASA Goddard Photo and Video.

Ash Monday

Ash Monday – and Friday, Saturday, Sunday and for a bit longer yet, it seems. Not every day begins at 6.15am with the phone ringing and a researcher saying ‘There’s a cloud of volcanic dust …

By Tom Hall   20 April 2010 7:54am Europe/London

Volcano travel buzz

With all of the disruptions to travel caused by the eruption of Iceland’s Eyjafjallajökull volcano over the past week, online forums and social networking sites have been buzzing with news updates, many stunning photos, and …

By admin   20 April 2010 6:31am Europe/London

Traveller interview – Peter Berende

Shortly after Tony and Maureen Wheeler sold their first guidebook, letters and postcards began flooding into Lonely Planet HQ from appreciative travellers, telling us everything from a new bus route in Afghanistan, to corrections for …

By admin   16 April 2010 1:48pm Europe/London
44 tram at Tervuren

Belgium’s confusing Africa Museum

Museums can be surprisingly controversial places. Take the ongoing pan-national stinks over ownership of antiquities, like the British Museum and Louvre’s possession of the friezes which once adorned the Parthenon in Athens. Then there’s Petersburg, …

By Tom Hall   14 April 2010 11:32pm Europe/London

Road warriors

Long road trips can be to die for. The unparalleled sense of freedom, seeing the countryside up close, stopping at cool and interesting places to stock up on supplies and bed down for the night. But …

By admin   14 April 2010 4:08pm Europe/London

76-Second Travel Show: ‘Billy Joel Road Trip Contest’

It’s on! The 2010 Billy Joel Road Trip Contest! If you’re in the New York area May 9 (Billy’s 61st birthday), the 76-Second Travel Show wants to take YOU on a ‘Billy Joel Road Trip …

By admin   14 April 2010 2:41am Europe/London