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Travel debate: early rising vs taking it easy

When it comes to travelling, how do you roll (out of bed)? Are you up with the sparrows or are you blearily summoning room service coffee at 11:30am? We decided to debate it: Early risers …

By admin   23 March 2011 10:53am Europe/London

2012 Olympics tickets on sale now

Tickets for the 2012 Olympic Games in London are on sale now. Released 500 days before the event begins, tickets are priced from £20.12 to £2,012 with popular events demanding the higher prices. It’s not …

By admin   16 March 2011 2:49am Europe/London
Lonely Planet Austin City Guide app

New Austin City Guide app free for SXSW

Headed to Austin for the South By Southwest conferences and festivals? Heck, you could be planning a trip to see a Longhorns football game, to satisfy a barbecue craving, or to see concerts in one …

By admin   10 March 2011 4:17am Europe/London

Travel debates: budget travel vs luxury

What kind of traveller are you? Do you like to keep the bottom line lean or are you a bit of a Good Time Charlie when it comes to hitting the road? Luxury vs budget – which is the way to go? Let’s debate it.

By admin   8 March 2011 2:00pm Europe/London

British royal wedding:embrace or escape?

The Royal Wedding. Love it or loathe it? Should you head to London to see it – or run in the opposite direction?

By admin   7 March 2011 11:15am Europe/London

Stepping out: your favourite cities to walk around

We asked you what are your favourite cities to walk around. You responded by nominating 186 different cities.

By admin   7 March 2011 10:53am Europe/London

Travel debates: city breaks vs country getaways

When it comes to travel, we all have our biases. Some of us like to rough it, others like to lie in the lap of luxury. Some of us like to plan to the nth …

By admin   1 March 2011 1:17pm Europe/London

The world on film: awarding the Oscars of travel

Yes folks, it’s Oscars time – time to curate that red carpet outfit and stash that speech in your pocket for that ‘oh my gosh this is so unexpected!’ moment. And as with real estate, …

By admin   25 February 2011 2:29pm Europe/London

Christchurch earthquake: updates and useful links

A 6.3 earthquake hit Christchurch city on 22 February, causing a large number of fatalities and extensive damage to structures in the city’s centre – including the iconic Christchurch cathedral. A state of emergency now …

By admin   23 February 2011 1:54pm Europe/London

Middle East and North Africa: Q&A for travellers

The wave of popular uprisings in the Middle East shows no signs of abatement, with flashpoints across the Arab World. At the time of writing there have been very recent protests in Morocco and serious …

By Tom Hall   22 February 2011 10:50pm Europe/London