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44 tram at Tervuren

Belgium’s confusing Africa Museum

Museums can be surprisingly controversial places. Take the ongoing pan-national stinks over ownership of antiquities, like the British Museum and Louvre’s possession of the friezes which once adorned the Parthenon in Athens. Then there’s Petersburg, …

By Tom Hall   14 April 2010 11:32pm Europe/London

Road warriors

Long road trips can be to die for. The unparalleled sense of freedom, seeing the countryside up close, stopping at cool and interesting places to stock up on supplies and bed down for the night. But …

By admin   14 April 2010 4:08pm Europe/London

76-Second Travel Show: ‘Billy Joel Road Trip Contest’

It’s on! The 2010 Billy Joel Road Trip Contest! If you’re in the New York area May 9 (Billy’s 61st birthday), the 76-Second Travel Show wants to take YOU on a ‘Billy Joel Road Trip …

By admin   14 April 2010 2:41am Europe/London

Best of the forum

There’s so much great discussion on the Thorn Tree forum, it’s often hard to know where to start. Here are some recent twigs we’ve clipped to get you in the community spirit.   Everything you …

By admin   13 April 2010 3:06pm Europe/London
The Spanish Steps

7 things I hate about travel

I love travelling, but I do have a few complaints… 1. Too many other travellers. The French philosopher Jean-Paul Sartre noted that “hell is other people”. This pretty much covers how I feel about the …

By admin   8 April 2010 6:00pm Europe/London
The Concorde's Lavatory by bensonkua.

Ryanair: ‘You should have gone before we left’

Remember those long family road trips? Inevitably, one of the kids would start clamouring to use the toilet within minutes of departure, driving Mom and Dad crazy. Well, Ryanair has found a solution. Starting this …

By admin   8 April 2010 5:55pm Europe/London

76-Second Travel Show: ‘Is San Francisco better than New York?’

The New Yorker cliche: After college, move to a crappy downtown Manhattan apartment and aim to change the world Enjoy the bars and frantic pace, then gradually get frustrated with your career and relationships Move …

By admin   7 April 2010 1:29am Europe/London

Driving games: road trip heaven or hell?

You’re too old to sing ‘The Wheels on the Bus’ and you’re too easily irritated to play ‘Eye Spy’. When the scenery is about as captivating as sorting rice, how do you pass the time without wanting to commando roll out the car and into a ditch?

By admin   6 April 2010 4:27pm Europe/London
Behind the scenes

Lonely Planet’s new iPad app

You’ve heard the buzz: the Apple iPad is a revolutionary new way to view content. Is this just hype or is it for real? See for yourself with a brand new application, 1000 Ultimate Experiences, …

By admin   4 April 2010 12:00am Europe/London
Behind the scenes

Take me away! Lonely Planet’s new iGoogle themes

The amount of time we spend on computers is often far greater than the time we can devote to traveling the world in the flesh. So how can we use that time to experience the …

By admin   3 April 2010 9:13am Europe/London