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Thorn Tree

Where is paradise for book lovers?

The Guardian recently announced its top ten places for book browsing around Britain, chosen by Anna Tims. Inspired, we want to know yours. And not just for Britain. The Daryaganj Kitab Bazaar in Delhi makes Thorn …

By admin   5 October 2009 1:47pm Europe/London

This Danish woman did not have your baby

Have you seen this woman? More than 800,000 folks on YouTube did when she posted a video featuring her baby boy ‘August’ – and a shout-out to August’s unknown father. ‘Karen’ claimed that she was …

By admin   1 October 2009 2:28pm Europe/London

Lesser-known US National Parks contest

For today’s National Parks Wednesday we want to turn the spotlight on the lesser-known areas in the US National Parks system. If someone loved one of the world famous National Parks, what other lesser-known park would they love and why?

By admin   1 October 2009 5:29am Europe/London

When connections change worlds: Malawi’s windmill inventor

httpv://www.youtube.com/watch?v=arD374MFk4w&feature=player_embedded#t=161 Have you heard of William Kamkwamba? I hadn’t until this morning. In a world full of ‘amazing’ stories, his is truly extraordinary. As a boy in Malawi, he was too poor to afford school. …

By admin   30 September 2009 1:45pm Europe/London

US National Parks photo challenge results

If you participated in last week’s US National Parks photo challenge and have been awaiting the results, we won’t keep you in suspense any longer.

By admin   30 September 2009 7:59am Europe/London
Embroidery worthy of a queen

Matador waves his pink cape in the face of tradition

Who remembers the nude bullfighting scene in the old Bigas Luna film, Jamón Jamón? As a parody of Spain‘s notoriously macho matador culture, it doesn’t get much funnier than a naked Javier Bardem going, ahem, …

By admin   29 September 2009 6:13pm Europe/London

US National Parks photo challenge

Are you a US National Parks expert? Test your knowledge with our National Parks photo challenge, and enter to win a free book!

By admin   24 September 2009 3:50am Europe/London
Community • Other

Polygamy USA

Everyone’s talking about national parks these days (particularly with Ken Burns’ new documentary on America’s greatest invention on PBS out later this month). If you’re pondering a trip to one of the best areas for …

By admin   23 September 2009 8:05am Europe/London

Street food: your top picks

Last week’s post about street food around the world sparked a lot interest, and we received a flurry of votes for the best street food destinations – here are the results.

By admin   23 September 2009 6:09am Europe/London
Thorn Tree

Does travel change you?

Does travel fundamentally change you? That’s a question our community members are currently pondering. Sure, it can alter your perspective on things, at least for a while. But can a trip truly transform you, or is …

By admin   21 September 2009 1:56pm Europe/London