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Thorn Tree

Talking travel tech

Once the nemesis of a traveller looking to escape it all, shiny gadgets that connect us to the world and each other are now an indispensible part of our journey (well, maybe not indispensible, but …

By admin   29 July 2009 11:55am Europe/London
Three quarter moon rise.

Best of the week: 24 July

The week in travel started with a bang: around the world, the astronomically minded commemorated the 40th anniversary of the moon landing. Our community went loony, sharing moon-themed songs and discussing moon travel tech. Meanwhile, …

By admin   24 July 2009 5:15pm Europe/London
Sure, go here, but then walk away and find your own Rome.

Zombie Travel

For what shall it profit travellers, if they visit the whole world without experiencing it fully? The Lonely Planet community has always been about Independent Travel. Our success is being able to empower curious people …

By admin   24 July 2009 3:32pm Europe/London
Thorn Tree

Your frequently asked travel questions

Our Thorn Tree forum is the oldest travel social network on the web. It’s been going strong for well over a decade – and new travellers with new questions and stories arrive every day to …

By admin   24 July 2009 9:40am Europe/London

Kingston revisited

Kingston, Jamaica deserves a better press. In the recent Secret Caribbean TV series, legendary Trinidadian-born British newsreader Sir Trevor McDonald travelled the along the archipelago visiting paradise islands, top-end resorts and workaday cities. It made …

By Tom Hall   24 July 2009 2:08am Europe/London

Swine flu = no holiday?

The global pandemic might be about to do something nasty to your holiday. Part of the reason for going on holiday, often, is recuperating, either from the stresses of everyday life or getting over something …

By Tom Hall   20 July 2009 7:15pm Europe/London
Thorn Tree

We went to the moon

Today marks the 40th anniversary of humankind’s most awesome trip and our community has the lunar spirit. The culture vultures on Thorn Tree are sharing their favourite songs about the moon and plans are afoot …

By admin   20 July 2009 11:14am Europe/London
Thorn Tree

Cycling Italy

With its mild Mediterranean climate, diversity of terrain, and long history of cycling, it’s hard to do better than Italy for a cycling tour. See where our community is headed this year, and start planning your trip.

By admin   20 July 2009 2:24am Europe/London
Thorn Tree

Creative travel funding

Travelling takes money. And if you go a long way (particularly over water), it can take lots. There are a good variety of shoestring options to get around and plenty of things you can get …

By admin   16 July 2009 2:34pm Europe/London

What’s the state of travel?

Every four months, the United Nations publishes the UNTWO World Tourism Barometer. It’s a great snapshot of the travel industry: what’s up, what’s down and (if you read the numbers right) what’s going to be …

By admin   10 July 2009 12:43pm Europe/London