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Martha’s Vineyard for Kids

The Obamas are taking a week off at Martha’s Vineyard — and I can’t think of a better place to be with your kids. There’s oodles of things for kids to do: jumping off the …

By admin   25 August 2009 6:26am Europe/London

England vs Australia

The Ashes are decided – England has won. This time. But let’s take cricket out of the equation and investigate the pros and cons of each country – which one wins overall? With so many …

By admin   24 August 2009 4:04pm Europe/London

Best of the week

Truth to tell, there was a bit of a rough-housey feel to lonelyplanet.com this week. A bit of argy-bargy. There was an elephant with a vendetta, historical re-enactors clashing swords at a choreographed Gettysburg, some …

By admin   21 August 2009 5:08pm Europe/London

Get to the World Cup – for less

Planning a visit to South Africa for the World Cup? Read on if you want to avoid blowing your budget before you’ve even got to South Africa. With a little over ten months to go …

By Tom Hall   19 August 2009 10:26pm Europe/London
Thorn Tree

Trekking with purpose

Meet one of our most inspiring community members, Elsie (aka, stilltrekkin). A Canadian native, Elsie has developed a special relationship with Nepal over many years, experiences and miles. She tells us about her adventures on …

By admin   19 August 2009 12:48pm Europe/London

Favorite Place in the World

Travel talk is a lot like the “Price Is Right Game” Plinko. You drop little chips that bounce on metal pegs unexpectedly left and right (like chatting between stolen wallets, great banana pancakes, taxi scams, …

By admin   19 August 2009 2:34am Europe/London
Thorn Tree

Finding the remote

While many travellers seek out interaction with new cultures and live to explore the bustle of foreign cities, others seem just as intent on making their way to the quiet isolated corners of the globe, …

By admin   18 August 2009 12:57pm Europe/London

How do Battle Re-enactors Decide Who Dies First?

WHAT TRAVEL TEACHES If you’re at all me, you’ve spent a life of sleepness nights burning with the immortal question: at battle re-enactments, who dies first? Are newbloods asked to shed theirs as the cannonballs …

By admin   15 August 2009 5:27am Europe/London
Cruise California's Pacific Coast Highway

The best of the week: 14 August

We’re at the end of another week in lonelyplanet.com-land and it seems everyone was feeling the call of the distant yonder. We were looking at Denmark’s Bornholm, way out in the Baltic; the forum discussed …

By admin   14 August 2009 5:46pm Europe/London

Obama’s Grand Canyon

The Obamas are stopping by the Grand Canyon — a prequel weekend trip to the Martha’s Vineyard weeklong trip in a couple weeks. But the South Rim in August, really? Sounds like a zoo. So …

By admin   14 August 2009 3:26am Europe/London