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Places that feel like home

There’s no place like home, but there are some that come pretty close. We recently asked a simple question on the Lonely Planet Facebook page: Other than places you have actually lived, where have you traveled that has most felt like ‘home’? Any particular city, town, region, or country?

By admin   13 May 2010 9:00am Europe/London
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Behind the scenes

From the Lonely Planet Magazine: Insider news and tip-offs

Lonely Planet’s UK-based Travel Editor Tom Hall shares his latest insider news and tip-offs. This month: Short-lived short-haul, Inca ruins back in business, a tourist clampdown in the Bay of Bengal and Europe’s best connected city. …

By Tom Hall   13 May 2010 2:22am Europe/London

76-Second Travel Show: ‘Airline logo awards’

I credit two things for kickstarting my love of travel: my dad getting me a ‘sun idol’ outside the 1st-century pyramid outside Mexico City when I was five peering out over the runway of the …

By admin   13 May 2010 1:36am Europe/London

Film tourism

World cinema often has the ability to inspire travel, but it also can deter us from going to a place as well. New Zealand Things are pretty rosy these days after the success of The …

By admin   12 May 2010 1:55pm Europe/London

Chile open for business

Thorn Tree member and Chilean resident vnrose is well known in our community for providing helpful advice to travellers.  We asked vnrose how Chile is faring post-earthquake, from a local viewpoint. It isn’t easy when your two …

By admin   10 May 2010 10:02am Europe/London
Quizzes & competitions

Photos: Mysterious island dwellers

Islands in literature have long been used by authors to create an aura of mystery: The Odyssey, The Tempest, The Island of Dr. Moreau, Mysterious Island. This device has been used so persistently that it …

By admin   7 May 2010 8:55am Europe/London
United airplane

How the United/Continental merger affects travelers

United’s merger with Continental for about $3 billion will make the new, expanded edition of ‘United’ — as the two airlines together will be known — the world’s biggest airline. It not only will be …

By admin   5 May 2010 3:50am Europe/London

What makes a great restaurant?

In late April, San Pellegrino announced its list of the 50 Best Restaurants of the World. The rankings had some foodies holding their breath and others rolling their eyes. Like Michelin stars and Zagat votes, San …

By admin   4 May 2010 3:20pm Europe/London

Can travel agents make dreams come true?

When it comes to arranging a trip, using a travel agent can almost feel a bit old-school in this age of click-click-book. But what if you could throw your dream itinerary out into cyberspace and …

By admin   3 May 2010 3:43pm Europe/London

Drinks and the city

Travelling and liquid refreshments go together like gin and tonic. Also, trying the local liquids is usually cheaper, and almost always more interesting than getting an international brand. To this end we asked our traveller …

By admin   3 May 2010 12:08pm Europe/London