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Thorn Tree

A packing list for Nolan

Our mapping guru, Canadian Ken, will soon enjoy a visit from his Canadian cousin Nolan. It’ll be Nolan’s first time in Australia, and he isn’t sure what to pack. We thought we’d give him some …

By admin   15 October 2009 1:34pm Europe/London
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76-Second Travel Show: The Manhattan Bridge Problem

When’s the last time you celebrated a birthday two months early. OTHER than when you were due for jail time? That’s what’s happening in New York, as the city is celebrating the 100th birthday of …

By admin   15 October 2009 4:55am Europe/London
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Thorn Tree

Love travelling, hate flying?

Dying to travel, but afraid of flying? It’s a pretty awkward conundrum, and one faced by community member AndrewGD. Rather than letting his fear keep him grounded, Andrew turned to fellow travellers for alternative ideas, but he admits …

By admin   12 October 2009 4:16pm Europe/London

Lesser-known US National Parks contest: the results

Last week, we challenged you to provide some inspiration to visit a lesser-known US National Park by comparing it to one of the more famous parks (for example, “If you liked Yosemite National Park, you would also like…”). This week we reveal the winner and show you some of our favourite entries.

By admin   10 October 2009 5:16am Europe/London

Best of the week: 9 October

This week belonged to the geek. First up was Scouting NY’s blog post on that 1980s classic Ghostbusters and how New York has changed – a shot-by-shot comparison. Yes, we all miss the nuclear accelerators, …

By admin   9 October 2009 5:09pm Europe/London
Thorn Tree

Relationship baggage

Hitting the road with your partner can be a shock to the system in more ways than one. The nature of your relationship (unmarried, mixed race or same-sex, for example) may invite attention or criticism …

By admin   8 October 2009 4:41pm Europe/London

76-Second Travel Show: Overrated Travelers

The debut of the possibly ongoing ’76-Second Travel Show’ (with 10 bonus seconds this episode!) dares to ask two immortal travel questions: Is Marco Polo really a traveler, and where’s the world’s largest Chinatown — …

By admin   8 October 2009 7:55am Europe/London

The USA’s youngest national park

If you’ve been watching Ken Burns’ sprawling documentary on national parks in the US, there’s one park you won’t find included: the country’s youngest. But actually the park, tucked in a remote corner of eastern …

By admin   7 October 2009 7:37am Europe/London
Mount Storetinden mirrors itself in a small lake, Lyngsalpene.

What country has the best quality of life?

Here’s a hint: it gets really cold in winter. The United Nations has released its 2009 edition of the Human Development Report, which seeks to measure quality of life across the globe. This year’s report …

By admin   6 October 2009 11:56am Europe/London
Thorn Tree

Where is paradise for book lovers?

The Guardian recently announced its top ten places for book browsing around Britain, chosen by Anna Tims. Inspired, we want to know yours. And not just for Britain. The Daryaganj Kitab Bazaar in Delhi makes Thorn …

By admin   5 October 2009 1:47pm Europe/London