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Australian road trip: Adelaide to Coober Pedy

Want to see the real Australia? Then hop in a car, drive away from the city and head towards the horizon. Work experience student Kyle McLaughlin recommends a trip he took with his family, starting from the city of Adelaide and heading to Coober Pedy, the opal capital of Australia, if not the world.

By admin   25 September 2010 6:23pm Europe/London
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76-Second Travel Show: ‘Why are English travel writers better than Americans?’

Fifty years ago this month, John Steinbeck left on one of the most famous US roadtrips of all time — as wrapped up in his book Travels with Charley. While trying to rediscover the ‘monster …

By admin   21 September 2010 1:44am Europe/London

Hugging lessons with Andrew Zimmern

What happens when you combine Andrew Zimmern of the Travel Channel’s Bizarre Foods with Lonely Planet and TBEX in New York City? You get closer to the essence of travel truth. You also get Andrew’s …

By admin   17 September 2010 4:32am Europe/London

Why we travel (flashcard version)

I’ve always felt we need a Periodic Table of Travel Elements – a chart that can sum up any type of trip into one (or more) of six basic reasons we go, says Robert Reid. Here they are.

By admin   15 September 2010 3:29am Europe/London

76-Second Travel Show: ‘What’s a travel animal?’

ANIMALS GONE WILD! If you hadn’t noticed, animals are going berserk lately. In Colorado, a bear took a Toyota for a ‘joy ride’ and smashed it into a tree; in South Africa, a whale jumped …

By admin   21 August 2010 12:14am Europe/London

This vs That: travel dilemmas put to the test

People trying to make a travel decision often turn up on the doorstop of Lonely Planet’s Thorn Tree forum; they hope that the community brains trust will help them work out where to go, when to go and whether trying to ride from Paris to Jerusalem on horseback is a good idea. In this bustling land of travel decision-making, one of the most common threads is the decision face-off – where readers put two options in the ring and let the forum decide which one wins.

By admin   6 August 2010 5:18pm Europe/London

76-Second Travel Show: ‘The real Orlando’

Orlando’s not the #1 destination in the USA for the city itself, which was an orange grove haven long before Mick Mouse showed up. But on a recent visit, to attend the opening to the Wizarding World of Harry Potter, I stayed in town and spent time talking with locals about the ‘other Orlando.’ And I liked it.

By admin   29 July 2010 6:07am Europe/London

Lonely Planet meets Robert Verdi

Robert Verdi wants his own cartoon character, restaurant, island, airline, magazine, jewelry line and empire. Until then, the style/jewelry guru, at least, DOES have his own TV show, and he hosts Twitter parties at his …

By admin   21 July 2010 2:57pm Europe/London

How to be a reenactor?

In this episode of The 76-Second Travel Show, US travel editor Robert Reid takes to the historical road to be part of a reenactment, complete with tri-cornered hat and insults for Thomas Jefferson.

By admin   20 July 2010 6:48am Europe/London

Martha’s Vineyard family appeal

The First Family are going to Maine this year for summer vacation, but we’re still fond of their choice last year: one the east coast’s great family getaways, Martha’s Vineyard.

By admin   14 July 2010 10:24am Europe/London