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The best museums in the world

What is the best museum/art gallery in the world? This was the question put to our communities on Facebook and Twitter. Unsurprisingly, the most popular tourist destinations in the world came out on top. None of the …

By admin   12 June 2010 1:09pm Europe/London

World Cup opener in NYC

Today New York City watched South Africa and Mexico kick off the first World Cup held in Africa. I spent the first half at Madiba, a great South African restaurant in Brooklyn’s Fort Greene, and …

By admin   12 June 2010 6:33am Europe/London

Meet the beautiful suitcase-backpack

Longing for the days when travel meant charming bellhops whisking your monogrammed, handcrafted leather luggage straight to your suite? For most travellers, that’s a pipe dream, but there is now a happy medium – an …

By admin   10 June 2010 1:58pm Europe/London

76-Second Travel Show: ‘America’s best beach’

MICRO-GUIDE TO SOUTHAMPTON, NY For many New Yorkers, the Hamptons — out at the acceptable end of Long Island — looms like a flashback from Lisa Birnbach’s 1980 spoof ‘The Official Preppy Handbook.’ A playground …

By admin   9 June 2010 12:59am Europe/London
Myrtos Beach, Kefalonia

Looking ahead to summer in Europe

Greece Looking for a good deal? You might wish to make this the summer to try a spot of Greek island-hopping. Persistent concerns about cost, plus last month’s riots in Athens look to have put …

By Tom Hall   4 June 2010 1:07am Europe/London

The most beautiful bridge in the world?

We asked our Twitter and Facebook communities, “What is the most beautiful bridge in the world?” Over 500 people answered the call.                     Image by Randy …

By admin   2 June 2010 3:11pm Europe/London

Lonely Planet meets Mastermind

Jesse Honey, winner of BBC TV’s Mastermind 2010, knows his onions when it comes to travel as well. Jesse had to get through three tough rounds to get to the final, answering questions on Wandsworth …

By Tom Hall   31 May 2010 1:10pm Europe/London

Heavy metal travel podcast

It has to be said. Our latest travel podcast featuring PRI: The World’s Clark Boyd,  (an unusually giddy) Lonely Planet UK Travel Editor Tom Hall and (stoic) US Travel Editor Robert Reid is simply the …

By admin   29 May 2010 2:16am Europe/London

What Douglas Adams teaches us about travel

Do you know where your towel is? It’s a question every traveller should ask, according to the exceptionally clever Douglas Adams, author of the ultimate guidebook, The Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy. A towel, the guide reminds us, is ‘the …

By admin   26 May 2010 2:40pm Europe/London

Why are London’s Olympic mascots so creepy?

The mascots of the 2012 London Olympics have just shown their ‘faces’ to the world – if indeed a one-eyed, mouthless cube can be called a face. This unholy visage sits atop a Lycra-clad, pot-bellied, …

By admin   26 May 2010 12:14pm Europe/London