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How to be a reenactor?

In this episode of The 76-Second Travel Show, US travel editor Robert Reid takes to the historical road to be part of a reenactment, complete with tri-cornered hat and insults for Thomas Jefferson.

By admin   20 July 2010 6:48am Europe/London

Martha’s Vineyard family appeal

The First Family are going to Maine this year for summer vacation, but we’re still fond of their choice last year: one the east coast’s great family getaways, Martha’s Vineyard.

By admin   14 July 2010 10:24am Europe/London

Before you go: Round the World travel tips

There’s an art to the Round the World trip — or RTW travel to those in the know — and Thorn Tree is chock-full of great advice. Here are some great tips from Lonely Planet members.

By admin   5 July 2010 3:49pm Europe/London

Personal boundaries at the border

Enduring long queues in airports and crossing borders are par for the traveller’s course. But how about having a customs officer shuffle through personal photos of your partner, in a compromising state no less? A new Australian customs requirement …

By admin   1 July 2010 10:10am Europe/London

10 underrated US cities

Which US cities are underrated as travel destinations and deserve more attention? Suggestions from the Lonely Planet online community.

By admin   30 June 2010 9:40am Europe/London

76-Second Travel Show: ‘Harry Potter & the Search for Authenticity’

In his recent book Authenticity Hoax, Andrew Potter makes a few pot shots at authenticity-hunters — in writing, in art, in marketing, in grocery stores, and yes, in travel. I agreed with some of what …

By admin   30 June 2010 5:30am Europe/London
National Parks volunteer snaps a photo of a Kansan family at Gulf Shores National Seashore, near Pensacola, Florida.

Why you should go to the Gulf Coast

I returned from my research trip to the Florida Gulf Coast a week ago, and walking its gorgeous white-sand beaches (and splashing in the blue water offshore) felt like something of a farewell to me, …

By admin   29 June 2010 2:08am Europe/London

What happens to unclaimed baggage?

Have you ever been in a desolate airport terminal, the last person to get your luggage off a carousel, only to see a couple of random suitcases still circling hopefully when there is no obvious …

By admin   25 June 2010 3:36pm Europe/London
Behind the scenes

Robert Reid tweets live from US oil spill

Lonely Planet’s US travel editor Robert Reid is in Pensacola, Florida, researching the effects of the devastating oil spill in the US Gulf Coast. He’s been taking to Twitter to map what he’s seen so …

By admin   16 June 2010 2:30pm Europe/London
Behind the scenes

From the Lonely Planet magazine: insider news and tip-offs

Lonely Planet’s UK-based Travel Editor Tom Hall shares his latest insider news and tip-offs. This month: vintage guidebooks, new rail routes in England, big airlines getting in bed together, parking at airports and the airport that’s …

By Tom Hall   16 June 2010 1:35am Europe/London