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Travel in 2010: the year that was

Before we hit 2011, enjoy a momentary stopover in the land of travel memories.

By admin   24 December 2010 2:50pm Europe/London
Thorn Tree flame wars

The best of Thorn Tree, 2010 edition

To close our 2010, we thought we’d take a look at some of our favourite Thorn Tree forum discussions this year. One of our most popular discussions unfolded early on the India branch, exploring how …

By admin   24 December 2010 2:29pm Europe/London
Behind the scenes

It gets better – Lonely Planet’s message

One of the things we truly believe at Lonely Planet is that travel can be a force for good. It opens your eyes to the lives of people in other places, helping you to understand …

By admin   23 December 2010 4:35pm Europe/London

US New Year’s travel resolutions

Looking for some good New Year’s resolutions, but having a hard time coming up with your own? Why not borrow one of ours and see how it fits? Take your pick from the following list …

By admin   23 December 2010 10:20am Europe/London
Namibian dunes

Your travel highlights of 2010

2010 has been an odd year for travel. Volcanoes, snow and strikes have all caused chaos for travellers, but it hasn’t been all bad. We asked the trusty travel community on Twitter what their travel …

By Laura Lindsay   23 December 2010 5:56am Europe/London

5 tips: New Year’s Eve in Europe

If you’ve got a big night planned in one of Europe’s capital cities, we want it to go well. While we can’t promise your evening will run without a hitch, these tips should help.

By admin   22 December 2010 12:15am Europe/London

UK and Europe snow: not going anywhere? Here’s what to do next.

The Christmas grinch is at work across the UK, snowing people in – and shutting down airports, including Heathrow (LHR). Are you trying to get out of the UK or get in?

By admin   20 December 2010 10:48am Europe/London
Quizzes & competitions

Win The Travel Book

Welcome to Lonely Planet’s The Travel Book competition! The competition commences at 2pm (GMT) on Friday 17th December 2010 and closes at 2pm (GMT) on Friday 24th December 2010. To enter, simply retweet the following …

By admin   18 December 2010 12:04am Europe/London

Top 5 Christmas ice rinks

Christmas in the Northern Hemisphere just wouldn’t be the same without wrapping up warm and pulling on those ice skates.

By admin   17 December 2010 3:00am Europe/London

US airline baggage fees, up 295% from 2008

We are in an era of growing tension in the skies, particularly in the US, with its cursing flight attendants, Congress debating unfair pricing schemes, TSA body scans leading to ‘opt-out days’ and increased use …

By admin   16 December 2010 3:35am Europe/London