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Week 17: Las Vegas

ELVIS. I love you so much Elvis. I love you so much I went and walked into one of the numerous Elvis stores in Las Vegas and bought so much of your memorabilia I felt like the true Las Vegas tourist. Then I went to the casino, lost twenty bucks and realized perhaps I wasn't a true Las Vegas tourist because that was as much as I was willing to gamble. Twenty bucks would have bought me a lot of Snickers Bars. I had to smarten my act. I exchanged my poker chips for tickets to a few shows and spent my remaining time in Sin City watching people act out stories intermittently interrupted by song and dance.

What amused me the most about this city was that after travelling to quite a few places around the world for the past few months, I arrived in Las Vegas to see most landmarks recreated down the Strip. There were all the things I had seen, the Pyramids, the Eiffel Tower, the Arc de Triomphe, the Sphinx, the Empire State Building… Now I'm not saying they were as good as the real thing but it was a little bizarre to see them. Then again, natural daylight was also bizarre to see in Vegas so hey.

Paris? Paris?

Girls, girls, girls Girls, girls, girls

So much toothpaste So much toothpaste

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Vegas is the ultimate escape. Time is irrelevant here, especially after a few frenzied and intoxicating sleepless nights on the Strip. There are no clocks inside casinos, just never-ending buffets, ever-flowing drinks and adrenaline-fueled gaming tables. Almost any desire can be gratified instantly, since the USA's fastest-growing metropolis and its luxe megaresorts stand ready to cater to your every whim 24/7. Emptying your wallet never felt so damn good.