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Tight seats, bad food, smelly claustrophobic lavatories – all travelers are familiar with the downsides of airplane travel. Even free pretzels, witty flight attendants and the reliable belly-laugh at the latest SkyMall product can’t rescue airplane travel completely. The real problem? Let’s be honest: it’s people – other people, and their annoying to downright bizarre …

By admin   1 July 2011 4:33am Europe/London
Polls • Thorn Tree

10 underrated US cities

Which US cities are underrated as travel destinations and deserve more attention? Suggestions from the Lonely Planet online community.

By admin   30 June 2010 9:40am Europe/London

Best beer cities in the world

What city is the best beer city in the world? Where can you find the best beers and has the best pub culture?

By admin   19 May 2010 7:38am Europe/London

Places that feel like home

There’s no place like home, but there are some that come pretty close. We recently asked a simple question on the Lonely Planet Facebook page: Other than places you have actually lived, where have you traveled that has most felt like ‘home’? Any particular city, town, region, or country?

By admin   13 May 2010 9:00am Europe/London

Poll: Bye-bye American pie?

What’s the best regional style of pizza in the US? Can American pizza compete with Italian pizza? Travelers weigh in on the pizza debates.

By admin   22 April 2010 4:33am Europe/London

Sun down, thumbs up

Last Saturday many cities around the world marked Earth Hour by turning out their lights. This got us thinking about the difference a little light and shade can make when experiencing a place. Many cities are …

By admin   31 March 2010 10:49am Europe/London

Where to find romance around the world

In a series of articles this week leading up to Valentine’s Day, Lonely Planet authors covered multiple destinations where one might find romance around the world, including Iceland, the steamy jungles of Malaysian Borneo, the …

By admin   13 February 2010 10:26am Europe/London

Is cold the new hot?

Everyone loves to go somewhere hot when they travel, right? Paris in the summer trumps Paris in the winter, and snorkeling on a tropical reef beats hiking across a frozen glacier every time. Or does …

By admin   22 January 2010 8:54am Europe/London

How to redesign the airplane for the modern traveler

63% of travelers polled prefer window seats, yet commercial airlines are fitted to have only 33-39% window seats, in direct opposition to consumer demand. How could the airplane be redesigned to allow more window seats?

By admin   7 January 2010 9:00am Europe/London