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The Best Things in Life are Free… in San Francisco

To celebrate the launch of The Best Things in Life Are Free, last weekend we hit the streets of San Francisco on a walking tour with San Francisco City Guides (sfcityguides.org) to give sightseers free copies of the book and a free drink at Vesuvio Cafe. We had the chance to explore the city ourselves, following …

By admin   16 August 2016 6:01pm Europe/London
What type of packer are you
Quizzes & competitions

Quiz: what type of packer are you?

Travellers revere the art of packing a perfect bag. Some revel at the challenge; others approach it with a shiver of trepidation. Temperament aside, all of us bring our own technique to bear on this …

By Louise Bastock   21 July 2016 10:42am Europe/London
LP Kids • Quizzes & competitions

Lonely Planet Kids: Let’s Explore with the BFI competition

Watching films is a fantastic way to open up the world (both real and imaginary) to your little explorers: movies take you on a virtual journey and show you new things, places and ideas. And …

By Imogen Hall   1 June 2016 5:39pm Europe/London
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Quizzes & competitions

Quiz: which Best in Europe destination drink are you?

Is Europe on your travel wish list this year? Our experts have combed the continent to bring you the best places to visit in 2016. Exploring our top 10 European destinations can be thirsty work …

By Maria McKenzie   23 May 2016 11:16pm Europe/London
Ascape Blog Post image
LP Kids • Quizzes & competitions

Lonely Planet Kids: we’re giving away 250 virtual reality headsets!

To celebrate the launch of our new Lonely Planet Kids Let’s Explore… series, we’ve teamed up with the techies at Ascape (ascape.com) to take your little adventurers on a virtual journey — whether they’d love to …

By Joe Davis   17 May 2016 3:27pm Europe/London
LPK_CC_001_April_2016_BlogHeader (2)
LP Kids • Quizzes & competitions

Lonely Planet Kids: design your own landmark competition

Our new line of pop-up books bring landmarks from London, New York and Paris right off the page and into your children’s hands, wherever they are in the world. And so to celebrate the launch, this month’s creative …

By Imogen Hall   3 May 2016 2:26pm Europe/London
LP Kids • Quizzes & competitions

Lonely Planet Kids: Story Starter competition

We know your kids love to travel but often the journey itself can test everyone’s patience. But we’re hoping to change all of that with our latest Lonely Planet Kids book, Boredom Buster. To celebrate its …

By Imogen Hall   1 April 2016 7:54am Europe/London
Lonely Planet Kids' Let's Explore colouring competition
LP Kids • Quizzes & competitions

Lonely Planet Kids: Let’s Explore… colouring competition

Whether your child is enchanted by the sounds of the ocean or would love to see a giraffe on safari, this month’s Lonely Planet Kids’ creative challenge is all about seeing the world through the …

By Maria McKenzie   1 March 2016 11:02am Europe/London
Quiz v2
Quizzes & competitions

Quiz: Which Best in the US destination should you visit in 2016?

It’s the start of a new year, with all of your travel dreams ahead of you. Is an American vacation in the cards for you this year? Whether you’re looking for a trip into America’s …

By Maria McKenzie   9 February 2016 12:59pm Europe/London
Had an 'out of this world' travel experience- (2)
LP Kids • Quizzes & competitions

Lonely Planet Kids: Let’s Explore competition

We know that your little ones never stop being curious about the world, so this month it’s time to meet the newest members of our Lonely Planet Kids family: three activity books which will take your …

By Maria McKenzie   1 February 2016 12:50pm Europe/London