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Travelling involves experiencing a place through all your senses. As much as the taste of a delicious bowl of ramen can remind you of Tokyo, or a photograph of snow capped peaks recalls the Rockies, hearing a snippet of a Spanish guitar can instantly take you back to that trip to Andalucía many years ago. …

By Seb Neylan   22 December 2014 3:43pm Europe/London
Kurdish mountain scenery. Image by Helen Elfer / Lonely planet
Behind the scenes

Storify: Iraqi Kurdistan in pictures

Lakes, canyons and ancient cities – see the Iraqi Kurdistan behind the conflict headlines, as discovered by LP’s Iraq author Sofia Barbarani. [View the story “Lonely Planet on the road in Iraqi Kurdistan” on Storify] Visit Lonely …

By Helen Elfer   7 October 2014 12:27pm Europe/London
Picnic à la Paris. Image by Bruno De Hogues/ Photographer's Choice/ Getty
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Opinion: Parisian picnics beat restaurants every time

If Paris is the world’s foodie capital, then why is it so hard to find a great restaurant there? Stick to picnics and you’ll eat much better, says Lonely Planet editor Helen Elfer. Picnic à …

By Helen Elfer   19 September 2014 4:00pm Europe/London
Dawn breaks after a traumatic final night at sea for James Kay and his wife in Indonesia, the scene of a recent shipwreck. Image by James Kay / Lonely Planet
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Opinion: there’s no such thing as risk-free travel

Lonely Planet editor James Kay recalls his own drama at sea after a tourist boat sinks in Indonesia. There but for the grace of God go I, as the proverb says. That’s what went through my …

By James Kay   21 August 2014 2:59pm Europe/London
Wield your maps and apps with pride, there's no shame in being a 'tourist'. Image courtesy of Jane Atkin
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Opinion: Why is ‘tourist’ a dirty word?

After wandering around the block twice to find a charming out-of-the-way restaurant on the promise of bistecca alla fiorentina, I was starting to get hangry. So when my travelling companion in Florence argued he didn’t want …

By Jane Atkin   1 August 2014 10:34am Europe/London
Beautiful sunset/ Time to start acting up. Image by ImagineGolf/Vetta/Getty
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Opinion: Just say no to cross-generational travel

Lonely Planet editor Helen Elfer won’t be going on any family holidays this year. Or ever, in fact. When I read recently that ‘grown-up family holidays’ are on the rise, I felt a cold shot of …

By Helen Elfer   24 July 2014 9:45am Europe/London
A long dusty road snakes toward distant mountains in Argentina
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Opinion: Want the perfect travel soundtrack? All you need is an album and an open road

Listening to the radio last week, I was transported to a mountain road in Andalucía. No, it wasn’t Narnia-esque magic – a song had come on that perfectly connected me with my June holiday, instantly …

By Jo Cooke   16 July 2014 2:10pm Europe/London
Alex extends an arm to capture his motorcycle-helmet-wearing face against a backdrop of the arid Argentinian countryside
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Meet a traveller: Alex Chacón of Around the World in 360°

If you don’t know who Alex Chacón is then you aren’t one of the 8.6 million people who have seen Around the World in 360°. At the beginning of his adventure, Alex sold everything he had, including …

By Jane Atkin   10 July 2014 11:31am Europe/London
Travelling in a light aircraft allows you to get a lot closer to the action. Image by James Kay / Lonely Planet
Behind the scenes

Opinion: For a flight of the imagination, choose a small plane

Fresh from a short hop across the English Channel, Lonely Planet editor James Kay explains why a yo-yoing flight in a light aircraft always trumps a First Class seat in a jumbo jet. Travelling in …

By James Kay   8 July 2014 9:13am Europe/London
Ends of the Earth: enjoying an escape from social media at the Eqi glacier, Greenland. Image by Anita Isalska / Lonely Planet
Behind the scenes

Opinion: Want to travel smart? Ditch the smartphone

One minute you’re a carefree traveller. The next, you’re treating your smartphone like an extra limb. Lonely Planet editor and tech addict Anita Isalska looks at the benefits of travelling off the grid.  Ends of the …

By Anita Isalska   2 July 2014 3:08pm Europe/London