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Lonely Planet co-founder Tony Wheeler reports from the Makabata Guesthouse & Café, a social enterprise in the Philippines, and shares his favourite accommodation picks for socially conscious travellers. A holiday to the Philippines probably doesn’t top most people’s agendas after the recent Super Typhoon devastated parts of the country. But one of the best ways …

By Tony Wheeler   24 December 2013 2:12am Europe/London
Uphill all the way... Team LP's David races through Strahan. Image by Georgie Leslie / Lonely Planet.
Behind the scenes

Crossing the finish line at the Mark Webber Tasmania Challenge

Earlier this month, we – two normally desk-bound staff members from Lonely Planet’s Melbourne office – crossed the finish line of one of the world’s top multi-day adventure races, the Mark Webber Tasmania Challenge. The …

By admin   23 December 2013 11:39pm Europe/London

Thorn Tree: tell us what you think survey, 2013

We’re proud of the fact that we host one of the oldest and most diverse online travel communities. Whether you want recommendations on beaches in Albania or road trips in Ethiopia, you can find the …

By admin   20 December 2013 3:45am Europe/London